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November 3, 2018

Books Read in October

Here are some books I read in October.

01/ The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare > link
I guessed how it would end but it didn't make it less enjoyable though this did seem like a very short read.

Favorite quote: "There is no escape if love is not there."

02/ The Keepers of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger > link
Just some thoughts:
- I hate the preface - like I need a preview of what's going to happen? No, I don't. It just makes me have high expectations and it's just so unnecessary
- What's with the licking? I can't count this as magic because it's ridiculous & kind of unsanitary
- Too much explanations from other people to Sophie, so she's new to the world but does everything have to be explained? Can't Sophie discover them?
- Nothing happens until chapter 30, well, nothing I thought worth reading - this is a fantasy book and yet all they seem to talk about is day to day school stuff
- What's with all the love thoughts? She's barely 13 and already there's a bunch of love interests?  I see future quad-angles and it's sure to make fans scream for mercy and also isn't it weird that the boys are older than her and yet, they have interest in her? I'm not saying older boys wouldn't like younger girls but this is kind of odd to me.
- I just don't like that everything revolves around Sophie, anything that have to do with anyone involves Sophie, it's all Sophie all the time. If I like her, it might not be so bad but I don't. She's too perfect, too self-involved, even her sacrifices didn't seem like sacrifices. All the conflicts she have with other people is a waste because everyone eventually likes/accepts Sophie. Sophie is accident-prone and the joke about her getting injured a lot (which she does but she recovers so it's like it never happened) is not funny at all. We are to believe her being accident-prone and failing some classes makes her imperfect but it doesn't. And how many special abilities does she need anyway?
- I often found middle grade books to be entertaining even for adults but this is a bit on the dull side, so many school-related things and the constant talk of things Sophie have yet to learn/know is annoying. Secrets are keep from her for reasons, I guess, will probably be revealed in the other books but knowing that is not any less annoying.
- This is not a bad read but it's not my cup of tea so I won't be reading the rest of the series.

03/ Kiss of the Spindle by Nancy Campbell Allen > link
I would not normally read romance, at least, if that is the genre but I love fairytales and this is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. There are a lot of details/back stories that I could do without but overall, a very enjoyable read. But one question: why does Daniel seems a bit dumb at the end? The solution is right there and yet, he didn't believe his own feelings, for a man with so much capabilities, for someone whom have gone through so much, he sure gives up easily. Would it be a spoiler if I tell you there is a dragon in this book? Because there is and I was surprised by this but I like it.

Favorite quote: "My mother believes in soul mates. Two halves of the same whole and all that rot. I am hoping I possess my own soul in its entirety. So much simpler."

04/ Beauty & the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen > link
I only wanted to read this because the author's other book (Kiss of the Spindle – see above) had been a fun read and also because this is a Beauty & the Beast retelling. This book, however, is not a fun read. There is one thing in it that I have avoided like the plague – vampires – I do not like reading about them, they freak me out. Every time the word is used, I gloss over it. I could ignore them for the first half of the book because they aren't mentioned as much but for the second half of book, even when they don't mentioned them, I still think in my head one of the characters will suddenly be revealed as a vampire or one would show up suddenly so this sort of make reading the second half of the book a bit uneasy. The romance isn't all that great – one moment they are strangers with hardly any fun banters between them and the next, they are suddenly in love. The steps in between is not there or if there, is kind of vague. I didn't like the beast aka Blackwell or beauty aka Lucy – one is always sulking about his miserable life and doing nothing about it and the other is so stubborn, so determined that she puts herself in constant danger and the various ways she gets injured just makes me wonder why she didn't die at the end. Okay, so the romance might not be all that great but the mystery is sort of great, that is, until they start talking about vampires. I honestly thought there would be very little mention of vampires and I'm not sure why I think that.

Spoiler -->
The villain is simply someone who wants to marry her cousin because she loved him but then it became her way to survive, by marrying him, she would have the resources to continue to live as a vampire which seems like a secondary thing because she actually loved her cousin to which I say - Stop It! Stop falling in love with your cousin! But then her revenge is kind of dumb when you think how it got started. I sort of pity her just a little. And kind of wish they didn't kill her in such a gruesome way. End Spoiler.

Beauty & the Clockwork Beast could have been good but it's bogged down by too many things - vampires, shifters, ghosts, murders, steampunk, and stuck in between is the romance. If only the author have kept the story in one focus or just the romance and steampunk, it would have been better. 

Read any good book lately?


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    1. you're welcome.

      thank you for visiting, have a lovely day.

  2. Once I started reading Christine Feehan's Carpathians years and years ago, I became hooked on vampires! Lara Adrian, JR Ward and lots more are my faves, but it's while since I've read any. Thanks for sharing your list! Hugs...RO

    1. I doubt I would read Carpathians, not really a fan of vampires.

      thank you for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list. I have been reading a lot (and rereading too). The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke was a stand out. A children's book which could be read on many levels.

    1. I have thought of reading more of Cornelia Funke but still undecided on which one.

      thank you for visiting, have a lovely day.

  4. "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" sounds interesting!

    I watched a 2018 movie titled "The Witch in the Window" which was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, plus it got a really high rating!

    1. 'The Witch of Blackbird Pond' is not really a book about witches, more like a coming of age kind of story.

      I don't think I'll be watching 'the witch in the window' any time soon, I avoid horror movies.

      thank you for visiting, have a lovely day.


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