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November 13, 2018

Writing, Not Writing — NaNo 2018 Update

I would update you on my NaNo progress with a word count but I can't because I haven't been counting words at all. But I can say I did a lot writing and a lot of thinking.

I started writing digitally but then switched to writing by hand into a notebook. I found that it is easier to put down my thoughts this way and it almost keeps me from editing my writing. I would show you my notebook pages but my hand writing is terrible and there are so many crossed out words and misspelled words, that I would be embarassed if you see them so no photos.

This time around, I seem to think a lot more about the characters and what's going on than before. This of course make me keep changing everything but that's not a bad thing though I think I might be thinking way too much and not writing enough. Maybe I should join in some of the writing sessions that are going on at NaNo but I don't know. No matter where you are, when you write, or who you write with, the work is still yours alone. But it's nice to know other people are writing too and probably having the same problems.

(My user name at the NaNo site is lissa26 if you want to add me as a buddy.)

If you're participating in NaNo, how are you doing?


  1. If you were writing digitally you would have the word count automatically.

    1. yes, you're right.

      thank you for visiting, have a lovely day.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."
- Kurt Vonnegut