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December 27, 2018

Highlights of 2018

This week's Top Ten Thursday is 'highlights of the year.' I'm such a slacker that I didn't really do much this year. Every year I try to do more but I always ends up doing less. So my highlights aren't all that amazing but to me actually finishing something is an accomplishment, heck, even half finishing something is worth mentioning.

01/ Re-Launch my 'tea rain girl' shop at society6 — still not promoting it as much as I should but at least my art is out there

02/ Updated my computer to the (almost) latest Mac OS — now I have constant permission problems that just refuse to go away and also one of the apps keeps crashing every time I quit it but at least I'm more up to date

03/ Still blogging — sometimes I feel a bit lackluster about blogging so I would sometimes quit but then somehow something triggers me back to blogging so even if I do quit several times a month I would always un-quit later

04/ Finished reading books that I have had on my side table for years — some books I just dread finishing even though I have been really excited to read them

05/ Finished a few art pieces that I have procrastinated on for years — like books, I seem to pause just when I should continue on

06/ I have not deleted a single post from this blog — nothing to brag about but since I have a tendency to delete posts, I thought this is a pretty good accomplishment though there are only less than 40 posts so maybe I shouldn't be so proud of myself so soon?

07/ Almost finished writing a novel — still writing it actually but I'm going to finish it no matter how long it takes

08/ Finally realized 'of course' is not spelled 'of cause' — I have not noticed my misspelling for a long while so I don't even know when I started to misspell it but now I can correctly used the phrase which is kind of a silly accomplishment but no one corrected me so...

09/ Started Instagram — I was going to quit but decided to continue because I don't know, it just seems a pity to quit so soon

10/ Walked the Brooklyn Bridge — I started this habit/tradition a few years ago of walking the Brooklyn Bridge as a sort of a celebration/tribute to my birthday and had been walking it every year and always in winter but never on the same date. I actually get a little freaked out whenever I walked near the bridge where the floor change from concrete to wooden panels and if you have ever walked on the bridge, you know it actually bounces sometimes whenever a cyclist or a cart goes by, it's pretty scary considering how high up you are and I have deep fears about heights. I usually stop somewhere after the first tower but this year I walked all the way to the end and still, there's really nothing there, just buildings but I walked back feeling quite invigorated.

What are your highlights for 2018?

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December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Books & Bookish Gifts

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is 'Books I Hope I Find Under My Christmas Tree This Morning.'  I don't really celebrate Christmas but I do like presents. Here are the ones I want, at least, for today.

01/ Mr. Boddington's Penguin Classics of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte — there are web photos that shows a green version but I like the yellow version

02/ The Folio Society edition of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett & illustrated by Charles Robinson — there are a lot of editions of this book but most of them are badly designed but this Folio edition looks nice

03/ Portuguese Brazilian edition of Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte — I can't read Portuguese or even recognized the language but I really like the cover of this edition

04/ Macmillan Collector's Library of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery — even though they are tiny editions, I like the simple way they design the covers

05/ Metro Sleepwalking by Jimmy Liao — I can't really read Chinese but I love Jimmy Liao's work and have almost all of his books, this one I really like to have

06/ The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden — I have not read a single page of this series but I like to and there's the gorgeous covers, the above is for the UK paperbacks but I also like the U.S. versions as well

07/ Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy — Marilla before Anne of Green Gables? I definitely want to read this, I hope there are bits about Matthew in there

08/ Gift Certificates
— for more books of course

09/ Book Shelves — I do need a place to put books but honestly, shelves are just excuses for me to organize and reorganize my books

10/ Blank Notebooks — one could never have enough notebooks

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December 18, 2018

My favorite things for winter reading

'bedtime story'
This week's Top Ten Tuesday is Winter 2018 TBR but instead of that, I'm going to list favorite things to have around for winter reading.

01/ hershey's milk chocolate with almonds nuggets — for some reason, I find eating chocolate better in cold weather and it's nice to have it as a snack while reading

02/ hot chocolate — what is reading without something warm to drink?

03/ pillows — something to lean on if you don't have a comfortable couch which I don't know

04/ blanket scarves — actually maybe this should be blankets but I really find no difference between blanket scarves and regular blankets, either one is good to keep yourself warm while reading a chilling book or two

05/ comfortable clothes — because scratching yourself while reading is not fun

06/ clock / dictionary / bookmarks — I sometimes find these three things to be very helpful

07/ a bed — I think it's the most cozy place to read from if you don't have a comfortable chair or couch plus there is the upside of falling asleep while reading

08/ notebook and pen — for that certain thought or words that you have to write down when reading

09/ handkerchiefs — for those with a runny nose during winter like me, it's good to have a handkerchief or two around and also if you end up crying over a scene or two, it would be useful too

10/ books — it's naturally the first thing you should have for a good reading experience but some people like audio/ebooks but I prefer paper books

What are your favorite things to have around while reading on cold winter days or nights?

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December 13, 2018

Fiction: A Holiday Story

This week's Top Ten Thursday is to write a Holiday Story using the following ten words: 1. Cards, 2. Decoration, 3. Elf, 4. Jolly, 5. List, 6. Miracle, 7. Rudolph, 8. Snowflakes, 9. Traffic, 10. Wrapping paper

Fiction: A Holiday Story

The elf's green eyes keeps wavering between Hunter's face and the streets around them. Hunter Rudolph smells candy canes coming from the elf. The elf isn't an elf but he wears a green shirt with light green tights and a green hat with a white pom at the end. He takes the dollar bill from Hunter and drops four quarters into Hunter's hand. Then he walks off.

Hunter searches around for a phone booth. If only he has money to keep a phone. As he looks around him, he begins to feel dizzy. White smoke begins to appear all around him. He couldn't see anything. When the smoke clears, he finds himself fumbling with a large piece of wrapping paper in red with white snowmans. His hands automatically wraps the white box. All around him are people dressed in greens and reds, all of them short.

Hunter sticks a white bow on top of the wrapped box. He looks around him - toys litter the floor, rolls and rolls of colorful wrapping paper and ribbons are stacked against one wall. The other have shelves with tapes, scissors, colorful bottles and white mugs full of red pens and green pencils. Traffic flows almost rapidly with people going in and out of the double doors. Above paper snowflakes dangles from thin wires - not much decoration but with everything else, the room couldn't stand to have more.

A tall man with a beard walks around with a roll-up list in his hand. He keeps using the word 'jolly' as he walks around the room adding this and that comment. When he stops at Hunter's station, he smiles at Hunter. He hands Hunter a small 3x2 card. On the card it reads, 'Eat more candy canes,' and on the bottom corner it says, 'sniff me.' Hunter holds the card up toward his nose and sniff. It smells of candy canes.

An image of an old man dressed in a gray coat and a felt dress hat on his head and walking the streets in the snowy night appears to Hunter. A realization hits him. He shouldn't be here. He's not an elf. And yet, when he sees a reflection in the mirror across the room, he looks like an elf - pointed ears, small structure, even a pleasant face. He has no shadows under his eyes and his sking appears smooth and fresh.

A girl elf hands him a mug with white smoke coming out of it. "Your favorite - chocolate chocolate mint. After work, we're going dancing at the Jolly Reindeer. See you there." Hunter nods and grins at her. She smiles and then wheels a cart full of mugs down to the next person.

Hunter takes a sip. It is delicious. And it is his favorite. He wonders if he should stay. He recalls all the debts, the awful people at work, his run-down apartment, his ex-wife pounding at his door every month for her alimony - maybe he should stay here for awhile. After all, this is better than his life. He sips the rest of his drink and then he starts wrapping presents.

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December 2, 2018

7 Things: hand writing, social media + blogging platforms

bunny naps
01/ I just finished the above piece today. I really like creating these drawings. I'm thinking I should do more of them. They are kind of easier to create and I don't have to think too much about backgrounds. (Click on the image for a larger view)

02/ I want to redo all my old artwork. I can't seem to let go of the imperfections and mistakes I made with each piece. I know I can't perfect every little line or curve but when I see mistakes I just had to fix them.

03/ I finished NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) but I didn't finish my novel. I'm sure I have written at least 50,000 words but I didn't type them in so I can't tell how much I have written but that doesn't matter since I actually wrote a lot. Although now I worry I can't read my own hand writing when I do type in what I wrote. 

04/ I must be very anti social media because I'm starting to hate updating my Instagram page. I guess what I don't like is that you have to sign in to see and do just about everything, like can a person view who's following them without signing in? I mean, is it really necessarily to force people to sign in all the time? I'm not those people who uses their phones much or stayed signed in all the accounts so that means I only sign in when I need to so I suppose all this signing in and sign out drives me nuts enough not to sign in too much. Can't people surf the net and be anonymous anymore?

I know it's great that people can share their creation around the world with just a click through social media and on their phones but I find the more people are scattered, the less unique each format seems to be. So I have been posting what I posted on my blog which now that I think about it, it's not good because I'm basically repeating myself and I hate that. Do people use Instagram to promote their stuff? Because that's the only reason I'm using it. I do not see it as a place to connect with people, it's just confusing to me because everything's in the same space - comments, replies, smily faces, symbols, bold, unbold text, hashtags and others. I know I can learn to use Instagram better along the way but honestly, I don't have the patience. I'm thinking of quitting by the end of the year but it's undecided.

05/ Recently two bloggers that I've visited a lot switched from Blogger to Wordpress and that makes me sad because there is one less Blogger blogger. It's strange but the problems these people encounters while using Blogger, I have never had them which I suppose it's why I don't know understand the switch. When you think about platforms, Wordpress does sounds a bit more modern when compare to Blogger. I don't believe that to be true but I can't deny how Wordpress seems to move faster than Blogger in terms of updates and such (and also, there are two versions of Wordpress which I find confusing). I've tried Wordpress in the beginning but I didn't like the interface so I quit that. I've been a Blogger user as long as I've been blogging so I doubt I would ever switch. But it's still a bit sad when a Blogger user switch to Wordpress.

06/ Movies watched in November:
The princess and the matchmaker // The Suspect // The Pirates
The princess and the matchmaker — great movie though it has a more tv feeling as if this could have been a show instead of a movie

The Suspect  lots of action scenes that I find are just too long, not sure I like this movie but it's not terrible

The Pirates this could have been funnier but it's still enjoyable, I really like the scenes with the whale

07/ Blogging has brought me back to creating art and writing fiction so I'm always going to blog, at least, I can say that today, I don't know about tomorrow.

What's your mind today?