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March 25, 2019

April Gale 9

Words for Wednesday
This week's Words for Wednesday prompts are: blasted, withered, derelict, broken, chained, and ground and/or fresh, growing, alive, active, hope, and dreams.

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April Gale 9

April enters her room and heads toward the closet. A crack-like noise makes her turn around. A small rock hits the window pane. She walks toward the window and pushes back the shutters. She peers down at the garden full of roses and dark trees. A gentle wind brushes pass her and before she could blink, a large claw grabs April by the waist and pulls her out the window.

"Hello," he says with a voice deep and smooth. April squeaks and tries to pry herself free but when she looks down, she stops. She is several feet above the ground and the fall would be painful. She looks up at Tim, the dragon. His head is half her size. The two horns on either corner of his forehead reminds her of bulls. He seems friendly enough with his blue-grey eyes but there is something cunning by the way he grins showing his long teeth. "Put me down, please Tim," she says as she forces her lips into a tight line so she would not scream.

"You know my name. How nice. Would you like to play with me?" Tim smiles again showing his teeth.

April tries to cross her arms but then thought better not. She shakes her head. "No. I don't want to play with you."

"Please?" he begs still showing his teeth.

"No. Please put me down," she says with a smile. She keeps picturing him putting her down or shrinking but nothing happens. It's just like her to not able to use her powers when she needs it most. "Blasted!" April mutters under her breath. She purses her lips tightly. If only she can transport herself to another place. Why hasn't she ask Aunt Josephine how to do that?

"Nah, let's play." Tim turns his head looking about as if for a place to take April.

April glances down and spots a man dressed in a dark gown secured by a rope. He sweeps the ground nonchalantly. She turns her head about trying to see his face but it is hidden behind a curtain of gray-black hair. He doesn't seem to be paying much attention to Tim or her. Why doesn't he do something? April thought. Then she hears Aunt Josephine's voice.

"Put her down this instant, Tim." Josephine stares up at Tim with a rather stern look of a parent trying not to scold her child.

"But I want to play with her," Tim replies.

Josephine puts her hands on the sides of her hips. "You stop this nonsense this instant! She does not want to play right now. Put her down!" She half shouts the last bit.

Tim fires flames from his mouth at the roses. "No! We will play." More flames and a few trees lit up with little sparks and three branches fall to the ground.

The man dressed in the dark gown continues to sweep but now he douses the flames with his broom here and there and muttering something April couldn't hear very well but she did catch a few words like 'Again' and 'Damm' and the shaking of his head. The rest of the fires, Josephine puts out with bits of rain.

Josephine sighs. The morning hasn't even left yet and here is this dragon destroying the garden because he wants to play. "Mr. Neighbors, can you not do something? The garden is under your care."

The man dressed in the dark gown pauses in his sweeping and looks up at Josephine. "Mistress, I am a gardener, not a dragon slayer. Aside from the fact that I cannot see Mr. Tim, he is not my responsibility." He turns toward the other side of the garden.

Josephine wants to scold Mr. Neighbors for this but after all, she is the one responsible for Tim now, not Mr. Neighbors or anyone else.

Tim hovers just above Josephine. He glares down at Josephine as if waiting for her to do something. Does he think this is a game? Josephine dares not think how her father had managed Tim all these years. Her gray eyes meet his and they refuse to look away or be frightened.

Josephine drops her arms to her side and sighs. She should have remembered Tim is still young even at a little over fifty. Why Tim has to behave this way of all the days that she had known him. He had always listened to her even when her ideas were not all that sound. Father had mentioned that Tim is especially slow for a dragon. Josephine wonders if it might have been better if there have been no guardian at all. The Tim lines has always guarded Windy Shadows from one generation to the next but as dragons are scarce, it seems a rather foolish idea to have them as guardians.

Tim flies upward toward the sky. April catches Mrs. Summers wiping the glass in one of the windows. She waves at her. Mrs. Summers raises an eyebrow but doesn't seem surprised. They fly pass the roof of the house.

Thunder claps and the sky darkens. It begins to rain. "Make it stop!" Tim shouts. His voice echoes as Tim repeats himself. Tim swipes at the rain above him. He lets out a thunderous roar and flames oozes out of his mouth and nostrils but the rain falls harder putting everything out. April wipes at her face and wishes she have more than a nightgown on. More thunder and rain comes. "Make it stop!" Tim shouts. He loosens his grip and April slips out of his claws. Screams rush from her mouth as she falls. She lands on something a bit wobbly. She looks down at the blob of rain she sits on. She runs a hand over the surface - cool and hard as ice and yet she doesn't quite feel like she is on solid ground. She peers down at the whole of the house in its T shape. It is so much larger than she thought. The water beneath her begins to shift and shake. Then it collapse and April begins another descend.

The sky clears but there is no Tim in sight. Below, Josephine looks up with a frown and contracted eyebrows. April is falling rapidly but Josephine cannot bring back the rain. She tries a transport spell but April lands on the roof before she could finish. Josephine curses herself for not practicing her powers. She rushes inside the house where she passes Mrs. Summers. "Call Father to the roof at once," she commands. She runs down the hall toward the end corner where she walks through the wall and appears on the roof.


  1. Good grief....a developmentally delayed dragon. Poor April.

    1. poor Tim, and yes, he is rather young. it will work out eventually, I think, haven't really thought much about how to resolve this Tim but hopefully, something will come to me.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  2. Oooh! I do hope April isn't hurt, I was hoping the blob of rain would be like jelly and let her down gently. I feel a bit sorry for Tim having no one to play with.

    1. my thinking that all actions have consequences and Tim and April needs to learn that. yes, Tim is a lonely dragon, don't worry, I'll probably get him a playmate if he isn't too picky.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. Good dragon story, the rain is his nemesis!

    1. oh yes, Tim hates rain and that is why he reacts that way.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  4. Hm, I wonder where my comment went ... I try once again.
    I enjoy reading this, but I think there's a heap of inexperienced magic (and a ditto dragon) hanging around in this story. I hope their stay will be a magical boot-camp.

    1. it happens, I have comments disappear on me but it's okay.

      I hope that they - april, tim & even josephine - will learn so they won't mess up again

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.


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