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April 15, 2019

Musings in the summer rain

'summer rain'
Fiction: Musings in the summer rain

She knew she should have brought her other umbrella but the sky this morning appeared so bright and the weather man pronounced a warm day with zero chance of rain. She had her usual umbrella with her but only because she had been too lazy to take it out of her bag.

Her cart is getting soaked. She should have resisted buying so many books but at least, they gave her a plastic bag to put them in. She dislikes plastic bags but in this instance, they keep her books dry.

The guy in front of her looks so relaxed, pulling at his shirt, walking with such jovial ease. Those three people with their plastic rain coats looks even more at ease than the guy. Why, she can see their smiling faces as they pass her.

The cool rain does make the day less hot but she wishes again she have brought her other umbrella. That one at least would have been large enough to keep her arms from getting wet. She should have wore pants as well but the temperature has been high and there is also the problem of laundry. Time and time again, she just forgets to do them. Perhaps wearing the same dress shirt for weeks isn't so bad. Who sees her but her cat?

That tourist lady is looking at me with a quivering smile. She must wonder why I am taking off both of my shirts. This undershirt is so itchy. I don't even know why I brought it. Oh yes, I remember. I got a discount from Jess. That fella knows his clothes. He have never looked bad in anything. But he is a sneak. He sells me these cheap stuff and keeps the goods for himself. I wonder if I can return these shirts. I only worn this one and there is eleven that I haven't wore. Jess have better return my money or else, I'll never shop at his place again. Why is it raining now of all time? The sun is out and is bloody too bright to have rain falling. But at least, it makes my skin itch less.

She should never have listened to Sally and come on this trip. A divorced woman traveling with a bunch of tourist? She should have laughed at this. Just because Sally had said it did her good does not mean it will do her good. Why is that young man taking off his shirts? At least someone's enjoying the rain.

She wishes she had wore that shirt dress. It looks way more comfortable than these old shorts and shirt. She wishes She is not wearing this ridiculous piece of plastic. Her hair is getting wet and her face is getting a good second wash since this morning. Oh why didn't she buy one of those umbrellas from one of the street vendors instead of this silly thing they call a rain coat? So what if it comes with the travel package? The cool rain makes her just a little dizzy. If this continues, she might even take off this stupid rain coat and get soaked like the young man.

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    1. you are very kind.

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  3. Several different takes on one theme, I like it. I like summer rain too.

    1. summer rain is fun especially on a hot day.

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  4. So many people, so many stories. Thank you.

    1. it's all I got - stories and art. and once a upon a time, photographs like this.

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