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April 16, 2019

News from the weird wide world

News from the weird wide world
News from the weird wide world that may or may not be true.

New Colonization on Mars
Reports has been varied on the numbers but there is now a bunch of people living on Mars. One daring reporter actually found her way inside the small structure. She reported that people are just as bored on Mars as they are at home on earth, only now they have to deal with not being able to go on vacation due to the spaceship taking twenty-six years to get the engine to start and so people would rather like to be doing other things. Our reporter, sadly, cannot return to earth as of yet but she is enjoying her twenty-six year vacation.

Woman Saved By A Cat-Dog
Mary Ann Bashful was at her usual morning walk at the park when a Rottweiler came out of nowhere and took a bite at her but the Rottweiler caught only a corner of her shirt sleeve. Suddenly, a blue-eyed siamese cat with white fur appeared and struck at the Rottweiler until it let Miss Bashful go. The cat then chased the Rottweiler away. It was then that Miss Bashful knew this was no ordinary cat. After all, he fought a dog twice his size. She was not only grateful but felt it was kismet and so she took the cat home. She named him Pappy after her father who was always stronger than he looks.

Miss Bashful lives in Blue Tabby, Alaska, where cats are abundant and dogs are rare. She soon found Pappy is more of a dog than a cat but she is very happy with him for she always wanted a dog but her parents wouldn't let her. Now her dream of owing a dog has come true through Pappy. Though Miss Bashful must admit, she feels a little silly sometimes walking Pappy with a leash but she loves Pappy way too much to give him up.

Girl Invented Device to Always Find Keys
A new device invented by 11-year-old Kitty Whatnottodo have made it possible for people to find their keys. Miss Whatnottodo, who resides in Melancholy, Massachusetts, invented the device when she saw her father spilled coffee on the newspaper and the bits of coffee covered the word 'here.' That's when she thought why not use words to keep things where you want them to be? As her father keeps losing his car keys, Miss Whatnottodo thought it would work very well for keys. All you do is place the easy-to-peel-and-stick 'Put your keys here' device on the spot where you usually put your keys and then you put your keys there. Miss Whatnottodo's father have used the device in their home and in his office and she said her father have yet to loose his keys. She hopes the device will help others who also forgets where they have placed their keys. 'Put your keys here' devices are available at www.iforgotmykeys.com.

Two Mermaids Stole a Dip in Neighbor's Pool
On a very hot Thursday in June in Blue Blaze, Wyoming, two mermaids who wished to remain anonymous, climbed over the fence and into their neighbor's yard and jumped into his king-size pool. The mermaids were caught when Mr. Fred came home early and heard the sound of laughter from his backyard. He was surprised by the sound since he was a bachelor and he lived alone. He was even more surprised to find the two mermaids naked in his pool. Mr. Fred immediately called the police.

When the police arrived, the mermaids sobbed and confessed they had to do it or else they would die for lack of water. The two mermaids had been fired from their recent job and could not pay their water bills nor get a ride to the beach. The neighbor's pool had been so tempting that the two mermaids could not help it. Mr. Fred, upon hearing the mermaids' confession, dropped all charges and now have allowed the mermaids to swim in his pool whenever they like provided they give him advance notice and keep their clothes on.

Man Reads While Sleeping
In Somewhere, Kansas, Joseph 'Papa' Tiny, a man in his late fifties, can read while he sleeps. Mr. Tiny found out his talent when he fell asleep while reading 'Gone with the wind' and when he woke up, he realized he had finished reading the book but have only the memory of reading half of it. When questioned, Mr. Tiny thought the novel is a waste of his time and offended his senses but now he can tell his wife to give him another book to read whenever she likes. He will read them in his sleep.

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  1. Replies
    1. that was the intention but somehow it's not really all that weird if you think of them as fiction.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  2. I have to wonder if #3 "put your keys here" would really work. For someone who always puts their keys in the same place and never loses them, it wouldn't be necessary to have a sign, but for people who toss their keys any-old-where and can never find them, they would probably just keep doing that same habit and ignore the sign.

    1. #3 is told sort of like a joke but I think it's actually a good habit to keep your keys or other things in the same place all the time so you know where they are.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. Definitely weird.
    I hope never to read in my sleep. I like to remember the books I enjoy.

    1. well, I think I like that habit for when I was still in school because some books are really boring...

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.


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