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May 2, 2019

April Gale 13: A wolf in the garden, sort of

words for wed
This month's Words for Wednesday are provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton and is hosted at Elephant's Child's blog here. This weeks words are: scuttle, rapper, drop, machine, flowery, button and/ or cashback, tipping, pizza, energy, unsubstantiated, clear.

Summary of what had happened so far: April Gales comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harry Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, now has recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini.

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April Gale 13: A wolf in the garden, sort of

April sits cross-legged on her bed as she quietly turns the pages of a spell book spread in front of her. A howl breaks the silence. But she thought maybe it's Howl the cat but another howl tells her it's no lion's howl. She rushes to the windows, pulls at the curtains and peeks down to see a large creature moving about on four legs in the garden below. Since April isn't sleepy, she might as well have a look. She quickly pulls on her boots, takes out a shawl from her closet, wraps it around her and races down to the garden.

April spots the wolf quickly as he, it seems like a he to April, is the only moving thing in the garden.The wolf stops to peer at every rose, behind every shrubbery, and now he heads toward the back of the garden. Above, the full moon's light touches here and there upon the East Garden. Long shadows fall where anyone or anything can easily hide.

When the wolf stands on two legs to check the trees, he is almost as tall as them. His black furs and black eyes make him almost invisible when he is in the shadows. If it isn't for the moon, April would not have seen him all that well though the wolf doesn't seem to have a problem seeing in the dark. April ducks behind one of the trees.

Just that afternoon, April had taken Wini and Vincy to the East Garden and then the West Garden and at both places, Wine could not stop talking about how neglectful the gardens are. Even the roses that appeared so alive looked dull to Wini. Vincy had said nothing but his eyes kept wandering here and there as if he was looking for a certain something. Thank goodness Mrs. Summers appeared to announce dinner was ready. Dinner was a quiet affair. Wini talked and Vincy and April listened. Mrs. Summers appeared now and then to serve them but other than that April was left alone with Wini and Vincy. Only after April had seen them off into the West Wing guest quarters did she felt she can relax. April sighs. Relatives are hard.

The wolf sags down in front of a tree as if he lacks energy. He is almost in full darkness aside from the slant of moonlight on one of his paw. For a while, he stays quite still.

But as April watches the wolf, he starts to move. When he stands up, he seems to be looking straight at her. April quickly spins about looking for a place to hide. The wolf growls. She turns around and immediately freezes. The wolf stands on two legs and towers over April. Drool drips from his long fangs. His black eyes flickers as if he remembers something but then it flickers again and he raises his hand or rather his claw toward her. April holds up her arm to block the strike but the force knocks her down onto the ground. She feels the sting from her arm and wonders at the ripped sleeve of her gown. Aunt Josephine wouldn't have liked that since it is a new gown that she had made for April just last week. The wolf comes at her again. She wishes he would just fall asleep. "Sleep!" she shouts and the wolf's eyes roll back and then he falls to the ground with a loud thud.

The moonlight shifts and for a moment, its light falls on the wolf. April gets up and pulls her shawl over her again. She peers down at the wolf. His eyes are closed but his chest rises and falls. He seems to be sleeping. April leans forward to touch his black fur that the wind is gently stirring. But someone pulls her hand away.

She turns to see Grandfather Tyler standing there in a loose white shirt, black pants and white slippers that seem a bit worn. "Wait," he says almost in a whisper. He turns his eyes toward the wolf.

April adjusts her shawl. It has became a bit chilly. Grandfather leans against a tree. April wants to ask him why he is out now or why he hasn't shown himself for weeks but looking at his tired face, April couldn't make herself speak.

Moments pass and April is ready to go back to bed. But then Grandfather whispers, "Look." The moon has shifted and is no longer full. The wolf stirs as if waking and slowly, his black fur turns into pale skin that even without much light, April can see it is human. The wolf is now not a wolf but a man. A very naked man. April almost shrieks but covers her mouth just in time. The man is the same man that came with Wini that afternoon - Vincent or rather Vincy. He opens his eyes and for a moment, he lays very still looking from, about and around him and then he must have remembered he is without clothes, for he pushes himself up though a bit languid in his movements. He reaches up and breaks a branch off a tree and holds it against him to cover the modest parts of him.

April turns to Grandfather. But he seems to be keeping his attention on Vincy.

Vincy shakes a little as he stands and looks from April to Grandfather. "What... What happened?"

"You've changed from a wolf to a man or rather, you were a man that turned into a wolf and now you're back to being a man." April grins at him. "Does Wini know?"

Vincy shakes his head. "No and I do not want her to know. She will... I really prefer that nobody knows."

"It's a bit late, isn't it? But how did it happened? Have you always had this ability or maybe you would born..."

"April." Grandfather glances at her for a small moment and then he turns back to Vincy. "Young man, return to your room."

Vincy nods and replies, "Yes, Sir and thank you, Sir."

Vincy walks almost gingerly away holding the branch toward him.

April turns to Grandfather. "You're going to just let him go?"

"What do you suggest? Lock him up? Send for a doctor?"

"I don't know. I just thought it would be nice if he explains himself."

"For whose purpose? Yours or his?"

"I... I just want to know what's going on. We can't have a wolf running around at night."

"It only happens during the full moon. And there will not be a full moon for another month."

"Oh. But still... Did you know about him being a werewolf?"

Grandfather nods. "He is not a werewolf. He becomes a wolf during the full moon."

"Did you know before?"

Grandfather nods. "Yes."

"How? I didn't detect anything."

"You will some day. It is a skill we Tylers have."

"But I'm not a full Tyler."

"Not yet." Grandfather grins in a smile that makes his face less tired.

"What does that mean, Grandfather?" April stares at him waiting but he just stares back at her. She shrugs. "What was Vincy looking for? He didn't come here because of Wini." April knows this much.

"He was looking for a green rose."

"Is there such thing as a green rose?"

"Do you not think a tree is like a rose? It have layers like one. It have colors like one. It grows just as a rose does although its lifespan is much longer."

"A tree is a green rose? But which one is the green rose? What does Vincy want with the green rose?" April looks about the ash trees but none of them look any different from the others but she then she could only see the ones that moonlight falls on.

"It does exist but only those who needs it, can find it and those who wants it but does not need it, will not find it."

"What cryptic world you've been living in, Grandfather. I don't know what the he—what that means." April grins at Grandfather. Her father had told her many times not to curse especially in front of elders.

"It means Vincent will find the green rose but not tonight. You should be in bed, young lady." Grandfather clasps his hands behind him as he starts toward the house.

Young lady? That was what her father called her whenever he was amused with April.

She rushes to catch up with Grandfather. "Grandfather, you haven't answered my question. What does Vincy want with the green rose?"

"For a cure to his curse."

"What curse? And how do you cure it?" April hates it when people speaks in halves.

Grandfather pauses and turns to glance at her for a moment. Then he smiles and turns to go back inside.


  1. Looking forward to the next installment.
    And pleased that Vincy isn't in cahoots with Wini who I really don't like.

    1. I like for april to have a friend that is neither a relative nor someone that is a ghost.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  2. the mystery continues...good story so far.

    1. I hope there is more I haven't written them yet...

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  3. I feel a little sorry for Vincy not able to find a green rose yet. But another ten months before another full moon? That must be a magic land indeed. I like seeing the full moon here every month.

    1. I decided to change the time of the full moon, it seeems to make more sense to shorten the time & there might be story to this time change.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.

  4. More and more tangled this story. I hope the knots will be undone with time.

    1. yes, more and more because stories can't just rest at one or two events, something's always come up.

      thanks for visiting, have a lovely day.


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