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June 29, 2019

April Gale 18

So far: April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harrison 'Harry' Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, and has since recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf who turned out to be Vincy who is cursed to turned into a wolf during a full moon. And now another full moon has come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April Gale 18

April takes one glance at the wolf and knows he is breathing. She runs over toward Wini and kneels down beside her. Slowly, she turns Wini over onto her back. Wini's eyes are closed and her face is pale under the bits of moonlight. There is a gash on the side of her forehead where blood keeps seeping out. April pulls out the handkerchief from her gown's pocket and presses at the wound. Wini is not really dead. No. It's not possible. Wini cannot die, not until April can scold her for being stupid.

With her left hand still pressing the handkerchief against Wini's head, April leans down and presses an ear to Wini's chest and listens. There is no heartbeat. She grabs Wini's hand which is clammy. She shakes her hand. "WIni, wake up! Wake up!" She drops Wini's hand and looks around her. Not a living being in sight. Where are the ghosts when you need one? If Mrs. Winters or Grandmother Emma is here, she can tell them to get help. April remembers Mrs. Summers told her Mr. Neighbors is not here as he is away on weekdays. Toby? She have no idea if he is even around. And it would take a long while to find Mrs. Summers as April has not asked where her room is located. But she can't leave Wini alone, that would not be a good idea. She adds more pressure on the handkerchief at Wini's head. The handkerchief is already half soaked. So much blood. April must not panic. She takes in a slow breath and lets it out.

Maybe if she slaps Wini's face... that would be April's prefer method of waking Wini up but she cannot. No, she can't fall that low yet. She leans down and listens to Wini's chest again. There is a slight heartbeat. Had April missed it the first time?

"Wake the damm up!" April screams at Wini's. But Wini lies as still as stone. "No! Damm you. You can't die here. I don't want to explain to Aunt Josephine why you're dead. Wake up or else I'm going to slap you. I will this time."

April lowers down to be face to face with Wini. "Please, just wake up so I can know you're alright." She lifts her head up and lets out a long breath. She presses harder on the handkerchief on Wini's head. "Alright, if you don't wake up, I will turn you into a toad."

April looks up through the tree branches at the full moon. She hears a moan. The wolf is waking but April cannot worry about him now. She turns back to Wini. She reaches out her free right hand toward Wini's face. Maybe one slap will do. But as her hand reaches Wini's face, her left hand pressing against the handkerchief against Wini's head begins to heat up. A slight glow emanates beneath the handkerchief. For a moment, April just stares at her hand and the handkerchief. The heat from beneath the handkerchief is unbearably warm but April does not let go. The light fades and then there is a low groan. But it isn't coming from Wini. April looks up and there is an apparition in front of them. Wini's eyes widens - they shift from her unconscious body to April, back to her body and then to April. Wini lets out a shriek. "Did you killed me!"

June 23, 2019

The book gardener - finished

'the book gardener'
I just finished this piece. Does this seems a bit chaotic to you? To me, this is organized chaos. Everything is in their place and there's nothing that shouldn't be there. The fence in the back is supposed to be a few distance away but I don't know if it looks that way.

closeup 1

closeup 2

June 22, 2019

April Gale 17

~ Read previous parts here ~

So far: April Gales come to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harry Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, now has recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf in the garden. He turned out to be Vincy who was cursed to turned into a wolf during a full moon and now almost ten days has passed and the full moon is coming around again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April Gale 17  

Night comes all too soon and April has trouble keeping calm. With her usual composed facade, Mrs. Summers serves them baked potatoes with a side of beef. Mrs. Summers pours them tea and then leaves them before April can ask where the fishes she saw that afternoon had went to.

April listens to the sounds of utensils and the cups tinkling as they hit their saucers. Her father had said weather is really the only safe subject to talk about when you can't think of anything but the weather is neither rainy or cold. It is a calm night. She looks up at her guests.

Vincy adjusts his shirt collar and sips his tea. Then he wolfs down his beef and potatoes. Wini sitting beside him, is calmly cutting her beef. April doesn't wonder where she gets her calm, not since that disastrous dinner.

After two bites, Wini dabbles a napkin over her mouth and stands up. "Good night," she says with a small smile and rushes toward the door.

Vincy stands up and watches Wini leave the room. Then he sinks back down in his chair. He runs a hand through his black hair. "Well, I will not have to worry about her for a while. Not until later tonight when I turn into a savage beast." He lifts his eyes toward April who is sitting quite still in her chair having cut up her potatoes and beef but have no urge to eat them.

She hears a small roar and spots Howl near her feet. Howl wanders toward the windowsill, sits down and closes her eyes as if for a long nap. Outside, April could see the black sky and she is sure the moon is making its slow ascend.

April stands up. "I think you should return to your room and stay there."

"What will you do?" Vincy's jaw tighten and then loosen. "Did Mr. Tyler said anything?"

"Grandfather is quite busy. But don't worry, it will all work out." April doesn't know how but she hopes that it would.

"Yes, yes, of course. I mean, Mr. Tyler would not just let me be. He knows I'm here and... Good night." Vincy rushes out of the room.

April starts to panic but then she remembers what her father had always said -  panicking is no way to solve anything. She sinks back into her chair. She needs to think.

June 21, 2019

Fiction: The fairy's reprieve

This month's Words for Wednesday are provided by Elephant's Child's over here. This week's prompts are two images and this one sparked a story of sorts:

~ This is the second part to this story - The sleeping giant ~

Fiction: The fairy's reprieve

The fairies are at it again. They fly and dance in the sunlight. To the humans, they may appear like reflection of light but if one only to look closely, they would spot a fairy or two. Ms D watches from above from one of the clouds that had remained in the sky.

The humans are swimming and splashing in the water. Ms D could not help but envy them. They know just how to savior the moment. She listens to their laughter and their shouts. There is not a single ill note in their voices. They really are enjoying themselves.

It has been a bright and sunny day. Ms D have been trying to enjoy it but keeps finding herself wanting to be somewhere else though she have no idea where else she could be. She hears the fairies' giggles mingling with the humans'. What must she do to make them see they must keep hidden from the humans? But it is not her business anymore. She is retired. She does not have to govern them. She is free to sit and stare. And even reminisce.

Ms D turns to face the other side where she can see the roof of the house of the man that used to be a giant. The man is back in his home which he had rebuilt along with the others that he had damaged when he was a giant. With new people coming in, he is not in want of company. Ms D smiles as she watches him milk a cow surrounded by three laughing children.

Not many moons ago, Ms D was angry at herself for forgetting to reverse a spell. She had granted the human's wish to go home without taking too many steps. But she had gone about it the wrong way. Perhaps if she had given him wings or speedy feet, that would have been better. Instead, she had turned him into a giant. And then she lost sight of him.

After searching for the giant for a year, Ms D returned once again to the road where she had met the human. She sat on a rock to rest her wings. When she heard a moan, she turned toward it and there was the giant. He was languidly crawling out of the cave. He yawned and stretched his arms. When he saw her, he came running.

The wind from his movement nearly knocked her to the ground but she flapped her wings and flew upward toward his face. He was about ten times larger than Ms D. He opened his mouth but no words came out. His wide eyes blinked at her. Ms D let out a sigh of relief. She was not angry at him. She was glad to see him. She held out her hand and a pill that looked like a glowing moon appeared on her palm. "Swallow this and you will return to your original size," she said half smiling.

He nodded, took the pill and swallowed it. After several moments, he began to shrink down and down and soon, he was no longer a giant. Ms D flew down toward him. She was still tiny even compared to his human size. She looked into his face. "I am sorry... I have forgotten you and..." Ms D took in a breath and then let it out. "I am very sorry."

He smiled. "Don't be sorry. I'm not. Well, not now. I have gotten a long needed rest. But thank you for turning me back." He ran his hand down his long black-gray beard. His hair had also grown down toward his knees.

Ms D nodded. She was much too glad to see him alive that she did not ask how he survived this long year. But magic must have protected him.

"Well, I'm off." He grinned at her and then turned toward the road. She watched him until he was out of her sight.

A loud laugh wakes her from her reverie. She looks down and there the human is looking up and waving as if he knows she is there. She waves back though she is not quite certain he can see her. But his smiling face somehow make her day seems a lot brighter.

June 17, 2019

Fiction: The sleeping giant

This month's Words for Wednesday are provided by Elephant's Child over here. Last week's prompts are Sleeping, Burn, Broken, Undercover, Swallows, Universe And/or Voyage, Heart, Diary, Falling, Star, Samurai.

Fiction: The sleeping giant

The fairy fell to the ground in a miserable heap. She let out a slow breath and stretched her arms and legs. Ever since she discovered that she had forgotten to remove a spell she had placed on a human, she had been looking for the giant. Normally, she would not have made such a blunder but when the elders announced it was time for her retirement, it put a strange haze over her. When she came back to herself, she recalled the human. No one knew her mistake but she didn't want to hide or forget it. She wanted to do her job and finish it even if it was her last. She let out a sigh and headed back to refresh and then start searching again tomorrow.

Unknown to the fairy and the rest of the world, the giant was asleep inside a cave under the cover of years of weathered earth. He did not know nor care that a fairy was looking for him.

Many years ago, the giant was a human walking home after a long day of hard work. He was exhausted and could hardly move. He made a wish to get home quickly without taking too many steps. A tiny woman with translucent wings appeared. She had glittering stars in her snow-white hair. She held out her tiny palm and a pill that looked like a glowing sun appeared. "Swallow this and you will conquer the earth in a few strides," she said with her dimpled smile. Before he knew it, he had taken the pill and swallowed it. The woman's smile grew wider and then in a few blink of his eyes, she was gone.

He stood there on the side of the road in the fading daylight and waited for something to happen. But everything remained quiet and still. He waited for what seemed like hours and then shrugged his shoulders and started for home.

After a few steps, he felt a sharp pain in his right foot. As he peered down, his right foot grew larger and larger until it was three times the size of his left foot which caused him to fall sideways to the ground. More pain and then his left foot started growing. Soon, the pain subsided and all his appendages and the rest of him, grew to match each other along with his clothes. When he stood up, he found he was looking down at the road almost as high as the sky. Bits of his head brushed against a cloud and cool water dripped down his head. He reached out and wiped the water away and then, out of curiosity, he stretched his hand higher and touched the tip of the cloud with his finger. It was cool and soft. He laughed and laughed. His whole body shook and the earth shook with him. But then he stopped. It was getting dark and he remembered his cow needed milking.

He started for home again. And before he realized it, he had crushed something with his foot. He stepped back and peered down. There was his house flat on the ground. His newly painted front door still had its vivid green paint. He had not meant to do that, he had wanted to get close to his front door. He let out a sigh.

The sudden screams made him looked around. His neighbors were running about and screaming and some were throwing vegetables at him. He was confused. He was after all, the same man they all knew, only, he was a few sizes larger. But perhaps they did not see his face so high up in the sky. He bended down for them to have a better look at him but that only made them run faster. Soon, there was no one left. Even his cow had ran off. The only thing moving was the wind. He was more miserable than he ever had in his life. A small girl and a slightly larger boy appeared and threw rotten apples at him. He reached out to get hold of them and to tell them they were being rude but they screamed and ran off.

He wished then he had not swallowed the magic pill. He roared, turned about and ran back to the road where he had met the tiny woman and waited. He grew tired and sat down on a rock but it crushed under him so he removed the bits and sat on the ground. No tiny woman came but people did. When they saw him, their eyes widened and then they ran away.

The giant sighed. Why was everyone afraid of him? He grew hungry and looked around. Near his right foot was his bag which he had dropped when he started to grow. It had been magically enlarged just like him. He picked up the back and took out the bread, goat cheese and the bum cake that he had meant for dinner. He ate them happily and down them all with water from the lake nearby.

Darkness settled in and the moon came out. He didn't know what to do. It was getting cold and he was tired and sleepy. Then he saw a entrance to a cave a few distance away. He went toward it and crawled inside. It fitted him perfectly. He slept and slept and forgot about his cow, his neighbors, the woman and the magic pill and eventually, the world.

June 13, 2019

The book gardener

This week's Thursday Art Date With Rain's prompt is Garden. As you can see, this is not unfinished. I'm not any good at gardening but if I am to have one and someone is there to take care of it for me, it would be something like this. Of course books do not grow on trees or plants but wouldn't it be nice if they do? I saw the buddha statue at a Japanese garden in a youtube video and thought it would be nice to have one in my garden because he seems to add peace to the place. (Click on the images for a larger view) More Art Dates with Rain here.

The book gardener


June 10, 2019

April Gale 16

Read previous parts here.

So far: April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harry Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, now has recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf in the garden and now things has calmed down a little.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April Gale 16

Bright sunshine fills April's room as the curtain is being pushed back by Mrs. Summers. April's eyes flicker open. She grunts as she sits up in bed. Mrs. Summers holds a teacup out toward her. April turns to her. It's far too early but Mrs. Summers seems to have taken the habit to wake April up every morning now. April takes a sip of her tea. Strong, black and just a tad bitter. A sweet fragrance of roses and baked bread weave through the room. She has noticed that the garden's usual red roses has changed to mostly pink - her favorite kind of flowers. Yesterday morning, she noticed the wallpaper in her room has changed to more of a rose pattern instead of the indistinct blobs of pinks and there had been a green one among them.

"Miss April, you are free to continue your studies today." Mrs. Summers says with her hands folded in her front of her. She hardly lifts her eyes. Her round face mostly in the shadows with the sunlight behind her.

"Free? That's not free. That's like... going to school and..." April does need to study more. April's father had spoiled her. She knows that now. Her father allowed her to play and wander. She had no worries. Not like here where she is constantly worrying about what other wacky things will happen next and what will she have to do to fix it. April doesn't even have time to explore the house as Mrs. Summers keeps giving her chores to do when she is not with the guests or studying.

April have wondered why Wini didn't immediately leave after she stormed out of that dinner fiasco seven nights ago. She didn't even accuse April of poisoning her. Neither Tim, Howl, Grandmother Emma nor Mrs. Winters has appeared since. Maybe Grandfather had spoken to them. April have noticed people obeyed him without question. Mrs. Summers certainly does.

June 9, 2019

Seven Things: Just some thoughts on summer & writing

'bonny and kat'
01/ I love revisiting my art and see them almost as if I made them yesterday. The above piece was done two years ago and yet, I still think it's one of my better pieces. I have titled it 'bonny and kat' but it really is a sort of representation of me as an artist if I have an octopus as a muse and friend. But the things here are some of my favorites like the onion rings and french fries, the shelves and piles of books, candies, chocolate, unworn shoes, plant-like trees, box of stars and the colors of mostly blue, green and mint are what I am drawn to.

02/ I'm thinking of changing my name to my pen name (yk faith) which I have been using on all my artworks (it's the yk markings usually at the right of the artwork but sometimes stowed in various places). It may seem like a bad idea since everyone knows me as lissa on the web but I think maybe it's time. I do want to at some point use a name for my books (that is, if I ever get around to finishing them). You might ask why I don't use my real name. Well, I kind of like the idea of pen names. That way, people can judge my work by my work and not by my name. I see a lot of people with blogs or websites with their name on them and this seems to be the norm. This might be me too except I really don't like to have my name as the title. I rather prefer phrases. So I won't be setting up a blog or website with my name any time soon.

03/ I don't think I'll participate in the WEP/IWSG Challenge again since participating writers are the ones to vote for the best piece and that means reading every entries in order to make a fair vote. But now I see that I can't do this because there are genres/stories which I simply do not want to read and it's not fair to other people if I vote when I won't read all the entries. Then again, this kind of challenge is good for me and yet, I just don't know.

04/ Sometimes I think I spent way too much perfecting things instead of finishing them and it's why everything takes me so long to finish anything. Is it good to want to perfect something or bad that you want to perfect something to the point of not finishing it?

05/ If you have been reading my blog, you know I've been posting this long fiction titled, 'April Gale.' I love writing it and yet, I know I need more editing on them but I decided to just put them out there anyway. I don't think I'll ever put out a series like this, at least, not in any other form like a book or an ebook. I tend to either forget about it or I just became hopelessly lazy and not work on them. But somehow putting it up on a blog actually makes me want to finish it. After all, I have spent months writing it and I hate abandoning it while it's incomplete. I have thought of quitting it a few times but then ideas came to me and I thought I might as well continue it. If not for the three readers, then for myself because I have too many incomplete projects already.

05/ I don't hate summer. Well, I do hate summer but only because of the hot weather. There's just something about hot weather that makes me lazy and unable to think too clearly. I have to endure two to three months each year of this hot weather and yet, I have not adjusted after so many years. I mean, it's not like I don't know it's coming. It's not like I couldn't escape now and then, it's just there's simply no way to avoid the weather unless I move away which I won't do any time soon. Also, it's hard to decide what to wear during the summer. Some places have air conditioners on that feels like you're inside a freezer and then when you go out again, it feels like a sauna and sometimes the weather just changes without warning. But it's not bad because it doesn't last all year.

07/ I just re-read the The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling. I remember loving the series but with this re-read, it's not as great as I remember it. I mean, the first three books are as great as I remember it but the last four was not as great. I think the movie versions are better but I'm probably spoiled by them and I suppose it doesn't help that I actually saw the movies before reading the series. But the visual always gets remember way better than words because as I was reading, I keep picturing the actors' faces.

What are you thinking about these days?

June 6, 2019

The postmistress' tea forest

The postmistress' tea forest
This piece is related to this other piece here. The character of the postmistress is the same in both pieces. Here, the postmistress (at left) and her half sister Citrus (at right) are enjoying a tea break.

closeup 1
closeup 2
I'm joining Rain for her Thursday Art Date With Rain. The theme/prompt is 'trees.' I have trees all over my artworks so I could have chosen to post any of them but I chose this piece above because it's full of trees and it's actually finished. This piece started a long while back and somehow I finished it and then forgot about it so I guess in a way it's a new piece since I have only posted a half-finished verison. (Do click on the images for a larger view) If you would like to join in, visit Rain's blog here.

June 5, 2019

Fiction: Blackbird Woman – WEP/IWSG June Challenge

I found out about this WEP/IWSG challenge from Elephant's Child and I thought I might try it. The topic is 'caged bird.' Of course, I wrote a fiction piece. Feel free to point out any mistakes or suggestions. Here is my piece:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fiction: Blackbird Woman

A woman wandered silently through the half darkness and stopped at a cliff overlooking a vast land of shimmering water. Above her, the sky dripped in gray droplets. The woman shivered and flocks of blackbirds flew out of the folds of her gown. They gathered around her for a moment as if introducing themselves and then they soared away. The woman was not afraid. She was calm.

When she woke in the morning, the woman somehow could go through the day without having to stop and worry. She didn't ponder where the dream came from, she only knew it helped her.

From an early age, she was forced to move from place to place and never quite felt she was at home until she found this house in this sleepy town. She was always overwhelmed by people and often a need to run away would surge through her. But in her own house with scarcely anyone close by, she was at least comfortable.

Soon the dream became more real than real. She began to feel the rain and the soft touch of the bird's feathers brushing against her. She began to change as well. Her blond hair grew longer in black waves. Her skin turned paler. Her green eyes grew sharper and she no longer needed glasses. Blackbirds started to fly to her yard frequently. They became her constant companions and yet she did not feel lonely when they left her. She knew they would return and often when they did, she would feed them and take care of their wounds.

One spring day, an old man moved in next door. She knew he was no good by the putrid scent that came out of his chimney. She stayed out of his sight.

While she was washing her dishes in her kitchen on a cloudy afternoon, something black hit the window pane. She rushed outside and saw one of her blackbirds on the ground with a silver arrow in its chest. She glanced across the yard, over the wooden fence and at the old man standing there with a silver bow in his hands.

"I didn't mean to hurt them. I was just trying to frighten them. They went after my tomatoes, you see." He stretched out a hand toward his garden. The vivid red of the tomatoes shined under the dark daylight. He gave her a smile but there was no kindness there. She smothered a cry and glared at him in silence. He cringed and scurried back into his house.

She brought the bird into her house and laid it on a pillow on the couch. The bird made no noise when she pulled out the arrow with hardly any blood. When she stood up to get bandages, the bird flew out the window. She stared at the arrow that she had dropped on the floor. It had a white feather at the end.

The weather became dreary. The rain kept their steady fall. Her birds did not appear. She missed them but it was better for them to stay away. She was certain the old man did mean them harm. She remembered his ease holding the bow. He was not an amateur archer.

In the middle of another rainy night, she woke to a muffled shriek. She was sure it was one of her blackbirds but when she went down to the kitchen and looked out at her yard, there were no birds nor anyone. There was only the darkness divided by the moonlight here and there. She heard another cry but again no birds. She flipped the switch for the kitchen light but nothing happened. A third cry made her run to the corner where she pulled down her white raincoat and put it on along with her boots and rushed outside.

The rain struck the roof like rocks. She flipped the switch but the porch lightbulb would not come on. She returned to the kitchen and fumbled through the cabinets for a flashlight but found only candles. The sound of thunder made her jumped. As she searched for matches, a loud shriek echoed through the air. She dropped the candles and ran outside. Her left foot slipped and she fell down. She screamed at the sight of three of her birds lying on the ground with silver arrows in their chests. She turned toward her neighbor's yard. It was empty but she caught a glimmer disappearing in one of the upstairs windows. She returned to her birds and pulled out all the arrows and threw them to the ground. "Please, you must leave. It's not safe here," she said. The birds looked up at her and squealed. She watched as they flew up and disappeared into the darkness.

A flash of silver flew toward her and before she could discern what it was, sharp pain bloomed in her chest. She peered down at the arrow sticking out of her. It had a black feather at the end. She let out a breath and sank to the ground. She lay there and stared at the brightening sky. Her vision was becoming blurry. The pain was easing little by little.

Several days later, the old man was found dead inside his house. All the doors and windows were locked. A look of shock was upon his face and broken arrows with black feathers surrounded him.

As for the woman, no one knew where she went. Her house was vacant but all her belongings were still there. But then no one really knew she was there in the first place.

A little while later when spring had returned and rain was less persistent, a blackbird awakened on a cliff overlooking a sea of water. She turned her head slightly and blinked. For a moment, her eyes were green and almost human. Then they returned to their black sheen and she flew away.

June 4, 2019

Old blogs and why I don't save them anymore

some bits from my old blog
Years ago, I used to move posts from blog to blog but then I decided not to do it anymore because I want to start fresh so I deleted those old blogs. (I still have the images and text somewhere on my computer, just not as posts on a blog.)

For some reason, I thought to move the previous blog's posts here but as I looked over these old posts and edited them, I just couldn't do it. Even though I could moved all the previous old posts to here and published them without having to do much, there is the problem of some of the links where I mentioned previous blog posts, links to other people's blogs that no longer existed, and some of these posts feel... dated even though they are mostly from 2018.

Saving old posts or old blogs is a good idea if you want to preserve them but I really don't
. It's not like I have information that can be useful for years to come, no, they are just stuff like art and fiction and ramblings, nothing that needs preserving. But it is kind of nice to browse through old posts and re-experienced them but I hardly did that with my previous blog so there's no reason to keep the posts up so today, I removed all the posts in my previous blog. Not that anyone would notice this and I won't even mention this previous blog's name or give you a link because what is the use of going there when there's nothing there but a link to this blog?

I do still have some of my blogs as I only deleted the blog posts but not the blog itself. If you happen to visit one of my old blogs that I actually deleted, you might see a page in Japanese or a page in English with some of my posts because for a few of my previous blogs, I didn't delete the posts and maybe it's why some of my own writing shows up in these old blogs even though I do not own them. My advice is to always delete your posts before deleting your blog. And if anyone wants to move posts between blogs (for Blogspot/Bloggers blogs only), visit this page.

What about you? Do you keep your old blogs up even when you don't update them?

June 3, 2019

Art From Art

'Art from art' (or perhapsI should call these 'fan art'?) to me is art that you create out of an inspired idea or simply because you like what you saw and want to do something because of it. So here are a few pieces inspired from art. (Click on the images for larger views)
leia in wonderland
01/ Leia in Wonderland — a combination of Stars Wars (the wookiee and Leia) and Alice in Wonderland (tea, deck of cards), I like princess Leia, she's a great character

02/ Luna Lovegood — from the Harry Potter series, Luna is one of my favorite character from the series other than Harry, I still think she's a better match for Harry than Ginny

03/ Kymera — from the book Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly, this is an older version of the character Kymera who is not quite human, on the left is normal Kymera and on the right is when she brings out all her monstrous features. Monstrous is one of favorite middlegrade books

the witch of oz
04/ The witch of oz — this is sort of Dorothy as a witch with all her friends as tiny creatures - scarecrow, tin man, cowardly lion and her dog toto, I've always like the movie but I was never a fan of the book.

05/ Penelope — this character is from one of my favorite movie of the same name, her face is covered because of a certain feature

06/ Audrey — Audrey Hepburn, she will always be my favorite actress

07/ Pippi Longstocking — I really like Pippi's strength and wackiness (on the right is a upside down closeup)

08/ Totoro — I made the doll by hand following a pattern I found online but I did pricked my fingers a lot as I really do not have much patience for sewing but I did make two of this, one for a blogger and one I still have. I think both of them turned out rather nice but they definitely looks better in photographs (on the left is mix media piece, on the right is what the doll looks like), I'm not a big fan of Totoro movie but I really like his character

the muse
09/ The muse — inspired by Edward Hopper's 'Automat', I'm a fan of almost all of Hopper's work

10/ Detention — inspired by Norman Rockwell's 'Shiner' which is one of my favorite Rockwell art but I like all his works. For my piece, she is a witch and is awaiting for her detention

Have you been inspired to create art from art or any type of creations?

June 2, 2019

April Gale 15

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So far: So far: April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harry Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, now has recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf in the garden and now things has calmed down a little.


April Gale 15

April looks across the dinner table at Wini and Vincy. Vincy gives a small smile to April but Wini just looks down at her teacup. They are about to start dinner. The rain outside is muffled by the closed windows. Spring hasn't quite left yet. But the rain seems to have started the day after Wini and Vincy's arrival. April wonders if someone is behind it but then her Aunt Josephine isn't home and April knows no one else with this ability.

Mrs. Winters hovers about the room making April a bit nervous. She has just found out Mrs. Winters had once served Wini's family a long time ago before she came to Windy Shadows. Perhaps she did not leave on good terms. Mrs. Winters keeps a calm face but she kept her eyes on Wini.

April catches a flickering light reflecting off something in Mrs. Winters' hand. The light fades before April could see what it was. Mrs. Winters grins widely at April.

April turns back to her guests. Wini is sipping her tea calmly. Vincy is looking down at his empty plate.

"Wini, I believed you said you had been to Windy Shadows years ago. What was that like?" April doesn't really care but she could not stand the silence. Vincy too had been awfully quiet. His mood seems to mirror Wini's.

"Quite true, Cousin. My mother and I came here for Grandfather's 50th birthday. You should have seen my beautiful gown made from the finest silk and designed by a famous dressmaker. It was quite a fortune just to get it." Wini sounds rather proud.

"Oh really? That must be nice. Your father did not mind the expense?" April tries for a smile but could not bring her lips to move.

"Oh no, of course... he did. He fumed about it for days until mother talked him into submission." Wini clasps a gloved hand over her mouth. Vincy grins and April wonders if Mrs. Winters is still around but she couldn't see her.

"But you had a lovely visit didn't you?"

"Of course not. I had to spent all day keeping quiet while Mother sweet-talked to Grandfather so she can have the place when he died." Wini covers her mouth with both gloved hands. Then she lowers it and turns to Vincy, "What did I just said?"

Vincy purses his lips together for a moment. Then he replies, "Nothing...much."

April turns her head slightly to look about her but no sight of Mrs. Winters. "So Wini, why did you come here for? Is it just to see how Grandfather is doing?"

"No. What do I care about the old bat? I am only here because Mother wants Windy Shadows." Wini lets out a sigh. "What is going on here? What did you do?" She glares at April with wide eyes and lips so bent that it make her look rather ugly.

April shrugs. "I have no idea." She chuckles and takes a sip of her cold tea.

"Now Wini, do you despise April?" Vincy have a subtle smile on his lips.