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June 2, 2019

April Gale 15

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So far: So far: April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harry Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, now has recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf in the garden and now things has calmed down a little.


April Gale 15

April looks across the dinner table at Wini and Vincy. Vincy gives a small smile to April but Wini just looks down at her teacup. They are about to start dinner. The rain outside is muffled by the closed windows. Spring hasn't quite left yet. But the rain seems to have started the day after Wini and Vincy's arrival. April wonders if someone is behind it but then her Aunt Josephine isn't home and April knows no one else with this ability.

Mrs. Winters hovers about the room making April a bit nervous. She has just found out Mrs. Winters had once served Wini's family a long time ago before she came to Windy Shadows. Perhaps she did not leave on good terms. Mrs. Winters keeps a calm face but she kept her eyes on Wini.

April catches a flickering light reflecting off something in Mrs. Winters' hand. The light fades before April could see what it was. Mrs. Winters grins widely at April.

April turns back to her guests. Wini is sipping her tea calmly. Vincy is looking down at his empty plate.

"Wini, I believed you said you had been to Windy Shadows years ago. What was that like?" April doesn't really care but she could not stand the silence. Vincy too had been awfully quiet. His mood seems to mirror Wini's.

"Quite true, Cousin. My mother and I came here for Grandfather's 50th birthday. You should have seen my beautiful gown made from the finest silk and designed by a famous dressmaker. It was quite a fortune just to get it." Wini sounds rather proud.

"Oh really? That must be nice. Your father did not mind the expense?" April tries for a smile but could not bring her lips to move.

"Oh no, of course... he did. He fumed about it for days until mother talked him into submission." Wini clasps a gloved hand over her mouth. Vincy grins and April wonders if Mrs. Winters is still around but she couldn't see her.

"But you had a lovely visit didn't you?"

"Of course not. I had to spent all day keeping quiet while Mother sweet-talked to Grandfather so she can have the place when he died." Wini covers her mouth with both gloved hands. Then she lowers it and turns to Vincy, "What did I just said?"

Vincy purses his lips together for a moment. Then he replies, "Nothing...much."

April turns her head slightly to look about her but no sight of Mrs. Winters. "So Wini, why did you come here for? Is it just to see how Grandfather is doing?"

"No. What do I care about the old bat? I am only here because Mother wants Windy Shadows." Wini lets out a sigh. "What is going on here? What did you do?" She glares at April with wide eyes and lips so bent that it make her look rather ugly.

April shrugs. "I have no idea." She chuckles and takes a sip of her cold tea.

"Now Wini, do you despise April?" Vincy have a subtle smile on his lips.

"No. I abhor her. She should never have been born. My parents never spoke of her until they found out she existed. My mother sent me here to try and found out all I can so she can use it to her advantage." Wini drops her cup and crosses her arms over her chest. There is not a regret or surprise on her face.

April have no reply for such a confession. She looks down at her teacup. They are silent for a bit until a roar erupted. Howl jumps on the table knocking down the teapot. Then a foot and a quarter tall blue-green creature with a long tail and translucent wings follows the cat. They run around the table knocking all the teacups about. As Howl jumps down from the table, the creature seems to blow out a small flame from its mouth but the flame misses Howl and she climbs up onto the window sill and runs out the opened window. April has been certain both windows were closed when she entered the room a few moments ago.

"What was that?" Wini has not moved from her seat and neither has Vincy. He turns toward April. "What is chasing the cat to make her run so fast?"

"You didn't see him?" April stares at him.

"Him who?" Vincy picks up his cup which has not be upturned and swallows some tea. "Something strange is going on here." A soft laugh escapes Wini.

Mrs. Summers enters with a tray full of three roasted chicken the size of a small baby's fist. She silently and calmly places a chicken on each plate using a wooden tongs while straightening up cups and plates and removing a few stained napkins. She takes the teapot with her. After she left, Toby comes in with a new pot of tea and pours them out. Then he places the teapot on the table. Wini glares at Toby until he leaves the room but she says not a word but her lips are pressed tightly together.

The rain outside still falls and April wishes it would just pour instead of making her nervous with their drip, drip, drip. She cuts off a small piece of the chicken which is harder than she thought. It tastes alright but it is hard to chew. "Hello Darling!" April swallows the piece of chicken. A woman with black-gray hair sit beside April. Grandmother Emma appears more transparent than April last saw her but she is smiling. April leans her head down a little and lowering her voice, she says, "What...what are you doing here? You should not be here." She looks toward Wini and Vincy. They are both looking at her. Vincy looks confused but Wini scoffs as she if she is enjoying something.

"You don't see her?" April asks looking from one to the other.

Vincy shakes his head. April turns back to Grandmother Emma but she is gone.

"Does insanity runs in your family?" Wini asks with a smirk.

"Shut your mouth!" Vincy says and turns to Wini with a look of anger. "There are strange going-ons here we do not understand." He turns to April with a smile. "April, tell us about it."

April laughs silently. What can she say that will not make her sound more insane? She shrugs. "I have no explain. If Aunt Josephine is here, she could explain." Or even Grandfather Tyler. April had not seen him for three days since that night in the garden. When she asked Mrs. Summer what he is doing, she would only said, "Master does what he does. We do not question him."

Wini takes a bite of her chicken which she spits out into a napkin. "Urg. What is this?" She takes a sip of her tea and drops the cup on the saucer with a loud thud.

Vincy too had taken a bite though he merely keeps his mouth closed and seems to be chewing vigorously.

The cup that Wini just placed down begins to rise up and up until it is over Wini's head. April shoots up out of her chair, leans over the table and grabs the handle of the cup but as she tries to pull it away, some force keeps the cup in place. Wini has not looked up. She is smoothing out the napkin on her lap.

Pull as much as April wants, the cup refuse to shift. Then Wini looks up but she doesn't move. "What are you doing?" She glares at April. "Put that cup down."

"I can't. It's stuck." April pulls again and then all of sudden the cup loosens in her hand and tea falls onto Wini's head. She shrieks and shoots right out of her seat. April lets the cup slip from her hand and it lands on the table without breaking.

Wini's screams, "What is wrong with you?" Her large blue eyes looks like they can shoot knifes out of them.

Vincy has gotten up out of his seat as well. "What was that?" he asks looking from Wini to the fallen cup on the table and then toward April.

April shrugs. Why neither Wini nor Vincy can see the ghosts in the house nor the dragon Tim which now April realizes it is him chasing after Howl though he is a few sizes smaller than when she last saw him. She wishes she couldn't see any of them either so then she couldn't be a witness their misbehaviors. She lets out a sigh.

Wini pulls out a white handkerchief from her dress pocket and starts wiping her face where tea has dripped from her head. "This is the worst visit I have ever had. I will tell mother to forget about this place." She runs out of the room.

Vincy sighs. Then he says, "Well, that is one way to get rid of her." He gives April a small grin. "I shall turn in for the night. Good night."

"Good night." April sighs. She looks at the mess around the room - fallen chairs, turnover cups, food off their plates and the rain dripping in from the opened windows and onto the wooden floor - well, at least, she didn't get hurt this time.


  1. The place is haunted all right.

    1. yep, this place is haunted, although you only met three ghosts so far...

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. And now we know where the truth serum went.
    Another excellent episode - thank you.

    1. I hope you've enjoyed reading it.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  3. aha! Mrs Winters put the truth serum in Wini's tea! Well, now they know Wini is only being nice because they want Windy Shadows.

    1. that's the truth though I don't think it's hard to get it out of Wini.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  4. I hope you add some illustrations and create a PDF/e-book out of this series when it's done. Four stars or better four crystal raindrops :)

    1. I don't know about illustrations, I seem to fail at creating them for my books.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.


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