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June 29, 2019

April Gale 18

So far: April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine Tyler, meets her grandfather Harrison 'Harry' Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, gets dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather Tyler, and has since recovered. New visitors came to Windy Shadows - Winifred/Wini, distance cousin to April, and Vincent/Vincy who came with Wini. Then April discovered a wolf who turned out to be Vincy who is cursed to turned into a wolf during a full moon. And now another full moon has come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April Gale 18

April takes one glance at the wolf and knows he is breathing. She runs over toward Wini and kneels down beside her. Slowly, she turns Wini over onto her back. Wini's eyes are closed and her face is pale under the bits of moonlight. There is a gash on the side of her forehead where blood keeps seeping out. April pulls out the handkerchief from her gown's pocket and presses at the wound. Wini is not really dead. No. It's not possible. Wini cannot die, not until April can scold her for being stupid.

With her left hand still pressing the handkerchief against Wini's head, April leans down and presses an ear to Wini's chest and listens. There is no heartbeat. She grabs Wini's hand which is clammy. She shakes her hand. "WIni, wake up! Wake up!" She drops Wini's hand and looks around her. Not a living being in sight. Where are the ghosts when you need one? If Mrs. Winters or Grandmother Emma is here, she can tell them to get help. April remembers Mrs. Summers told her Mr. Neighbors is not here as he is away on weekdays. Toby? She have no idea if he is even around. And it would take a long while to find Mrs. Summers as April has not asked where her room is located. But she can't leave Wini alone, that would not be a good idea. She adds more pressure on the handkerchief at Wini's head. The handkerchief is already half soaked. So much blood. April must not panic. She takes in a slow breath and lets it out.

Maybe if she slaps Wini's face... that would be April's prefer method of waking Wini up but she cannot. No, she can't fall that low yet. She leans down and listens to Wini's chest again. There is a slight heartbeat. Had April missed it the first time?

"Wake the damm up!" April screams at Wini's. But Wini lies as still as stone. "No! Damm you. You can't die here. I don't want to explain to Aunt Josephine why you're dead. Wake up or else I'm going to slap you. I will this time."

April lowers down to be face to face with Wini. "Please, just wake up so I can know you're alright." She lifts her head up and lets out a long breath. She presses harder on the handkerchief on Wini's head. "Alright, if you don't wake up, I will turn you into a toad."

April looks up through the tree branches at the full moon. She hears a moan. The wolf is waking but April cannot worry about him now. She turns back to Wini. She reaches out her free right hand toward Wini's face. Maybe one slap will do. But as her hand reaches Wini's face, her left hand pressing against the handkerchief against Wini's head begins to heat up. A slight glow emanates beneath the handkerchief. For a moment, April just stares at her hand and the handkerchief. The heat from beneath the handkerchief is unbearably warm but April does not let go. The light fades and then there is a low groan. But it isn't coming from Wini. April looks up and there is an apparition in front of them. Wini's eyes widens - they shift from her unconscious body to April, back to her body and then to April. Wini lets out a shriek. "Did you killed me!"

It hasn't sounded like a question to April. "No. Yes. I mean, no, I didn't." April silently begs Wini to wake up so that this apparition will disappear. "Are you sure you're dead?" April can see the trees through Wini who still wears her nightgown with the torn sleeve.

"Of course I'm dead. Look at me. Look at my hands!" Wini holds out both of her hands and examines them.

April leans down and presses a ear at Wini's chest. "But you're still breathing. I can still hear your heart beating. I don't think you're dead."

"You don't think? Well, then why the hell can I see my own body lying there? Explain that!" Wini crosses her arms over her chest.

April has wondered if there is a nice side to Wini but now she doesn't have to wonder - there isn't. "Shut your trap!"

"What did you say to me?" Wini reaches out and swings a fist at April but her hand  goes right through April's face.

April surprises a laugh. She needs Wini to stay calm. "What I think is that you're not dead. You're just... outside of your body. I've heard that your spirit can separate from your body when you encounter a trauma but it can be undone." April have no idea how to undo it.

"Do not give me useless information. Get me back into my body." Wini starts to pace though her feet never touches the ground.

April sighs. This Wini's just as annoying as the live one. "Please, I'm doing the best I can. Can't you... try and get back into your body?" April smiles and hope she at least appears pleasant.

Wini peers down at her body. "Well..." She shifts and then drops down and lies down on top of her body and then the apparition seems to disappear.

She did it! April lets out a breath but then Wini's apparition tumbles out of her body as if something has forced her out. Wini straightens up and moves away from her body. "It kicked me out."

April lets out slow breath. "By it, do you mean you?"

"Well, who else is that body belong to? Of course it is me." Wini starts to pace back and forth.

"Perhaps you need to concentrate." April has often lack concentration which has caused her to make mistakes.

"Oh, is that all I need to do?" Wini stops pacing and turns to face April. "Did you hear me? It kicked me out. It will not let me stay."

"Then we will have to wait until you can go back to your body." April can't think of what else can be done.

"I guess we will have to! Look! Just look at my gown and my hair!" Wini points at her body and then she seems to relax. "If you said I am not dead, then my body must be preserved until I can get back to it. Do not just sit there, take my body to my room or somewhere where there is a bed! Well, hurry up!" Wini watches April with a expression between anger and annoyance.

April nods, not wanting to say something she will regret. She shifts a bit. Her left hand is cramming up. She lifts up the handkerchief at Wini's forehead and peeks beneath it. The bleeding has stopped. The wound have closed into a redish line. April removes the handkerchief and stuffs it back into her gown's pocket. Now how to get Wini to her room safely. Mrs. Summers' face comes to her mind. Back in the kitchen just that afternoon, April can still remember that look of quiet pleading from Mrs. Summers. She must think April can do this. April wishes Mrs. Summers is here. She needs her strong will to keep her from panicking.

Mrs. Summers appears as if out of nowhere. She walks toward April with the hem of her white nightgown grazing the ground. Bare feet peaks out every now and then and her white-blond hair is plaited in one long braid down her back. "Miss April, what is going here and what am I doing here?" She looks from April to Wini laying on the ground and then she gasps when her eyes lands on the wolf.

"Nevermind about the wolf, Mrs. Summers. Would you help me take Miss Wini up to her room? I'm afraid I cannot do it alone. She will need you to look after her until morning and...maybe afterward as well." April sounds a bit like Aunt Josephine. She shivers at the thought. She gives Mrs. Summers a smile.

Mrs. Summers looks from April to Wini and back at April and then she calmly walks closer toward them. She snaps her fingers but no sound comes. She tries again and again, no sound comes. Her face twists in agitation. Then she smooths her expression and then snaps her fingers again and this there is the click sound and Wini's body lifts up and hovers forward toward the house with Mrs. Summers following behind.

The realization that Mrs. Summers might be a witch or probably is a witch, surprises the hell out of April. But why should April be surprised? After all, she is in Windy Shadows where ghosts and dragons roam the halls? She runs after Mrs. Summers and Wini but then stops and turns around. The wolf is gone. She looks around the garden but there is no one about. She looks up at the sky. A quarter moon now shines down. Vincy must have turned back to human and now has ran off toward his room. She turns and follows Mrs. Summers. She will just have to worry about Vincy later.


  1. This is a truly exciting installment.
    More please. Soon.

    1. I will post more soon. I would really like to finish this.

      Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely day.

  2. Quite exciting having an out of body experience, but scary too. I hope Wini can find her way back.

    1. Wini will be back in her body soon.

      Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely day.

  3. I am intrigued! I haven't read your other selections, but this drew me in immediately.

    1. I'm glad something drew you to the story.

      Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely day.

  4. Beautiful piece of art here, per usual.


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