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August 15, 2019

First Blog Anniversary

First Blog Anniversary
I have blogged at this same url (the memory of rain) before and if I do count, this would be my third time here but I'm not counting. So August 15 is the first anniversary for this blog. Here are thoughts on blogging:

01/ The artwork below is one of my favorite, favorite artwork that I did. It's all about time and moving around and such but I'm more prone to stay in one place and I guess it's why I have returned to blog here again even though I can easily have created a new blog. I'm really not much into traveling unless you count the ones I did in books.

'prone to stay still'
02/ I think staying at Blogger works for me because I can easily create new blogs without having to worry about urls or templates. I guess I'm so used to Blogger that if I would to move to Wordpress, I wouldn't know what to do there. I really think Blogger is the most user friendly platform there is. It still saddens me a little when bloggers leave Blogger and move to Wordpress but it's really about preferences so I cannot scold anyone for changing their platform.

03/ I've often deleted unused blogs because I believe in starting fresh and yet, I have kept some of my previous blogs because... Well, actually I don't know why. They aren't any use and yet, I can't seem to delete them. I used to re-direct my old blogs (the ones I haven't deleted) to the new one but I don't think that works well because if a blog doesn't seem to be updated, then people won't visit so now I leave a link to the new blog. In a way, this is my new blog because I don't have any of the previous posts from before.

August 11, 2019

April Gale 19

April Gale 19

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April Gale 19

April wearily walks behind the ghost of Wini. As her left foot hits the landing, her vision begins to blurs slightly. She shakes her head and rubs her eyes. All of her energy seems to be draining from her. She takes another step and her legs are suddenly weak as paper. She falls forward. Her eyes droop and she couldn't stay awake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As the three of them makes their way up the stairs, Wini keeps silent. She is certain she would say something dumb if she opens her mouth. She watches as her body floats forward with Mrs. Summers close behind. Wini have not known the small, fat woman could do magic. Not that she have noticed much about the housekeeper.

Wini's body pauses in midair on the stairs. Wini floats back to check. Mrs. Summers is kneeling on the floor beside an unconscious April.

"Toby!" Mrs. Summers shouts. Her face has lost its stiffness. "Toby, come here at once!"

Toby the servant boy appears at the bottom of the stairs and then he runs up clumsily with his long arms dangling. He glances at Mrs. Summers and then at April and then at Mrs. Summers.

"Carry Miss April to her room and gently now." Mrs. Summers stands up and watches as Toby lifts April up and carries her away down the stairs. When he have gone from her sight, Mrs. Summers turns toward Wini's body hovering above the stairs. She struggles to snap her fingers for three tries. Then Wini's body begins to move again.

Mrs. Summers keeps her eyes on Wini's body. Wini's body moves as if conscious, turning at corners and moving higher when needed. Wini has not seen anyone so careful about her before. Except for her nurse but Miss Jewel has been gone for some years. Wini's mother had thought Miss Jewel was too soft on Wini. Wini suddenly misses Miss Jewel though she cannot remember what the nurse looks like now.

Mrs. Summers opens the door to Wini's room and Wini's body floats through the door. Mrs. Summers snaps her fingers and Wini's body lowers down and onto the bed. She then pulls the covers over Wini. Then she turns to leave but she pauses at the doorway to glance at Wini. Is that a look of pity on Mrs. Summers' face? Wini cannot be certain. Mrs. Summers closes the door.

Wini floats beside the bed looking at her body. Before she would have thought she is beautiful but looking at the pale face and blond hair, she have never been more dull and lifeless.

Then she hears a banging. She floats and slips through the door. Toby the servant boy is putting Vincy's door back onto its hinges. Wini remembers being woken by the sound of a loud thud which must have been when the wolf forced the door open. Had Wini known Vincy would turn into a wolf during a full moon, she would never have accepted his offer to come to Windy Shadows with her. She sighs and returns to her room.

A few moments passes, Toby enters and pulls up a chair beside Wini's bed. Wini wants to scream and tell him to leave but she does not like the idea of her body being left alone and she knows Toby would not hear her. She hovers in the corner of the room uncertain of what to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincent stares up into the dark ceiling. His whole body aches but he cannot do anything about that. Turning into a wolf is painful but turning back is more painful. But he cannot blame anyone but himself. His mind is still hazy but he remembers what he saw.