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August 11, 2019

April Gale 19

April Gale 19

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April Gale 19

April wearily walks behind the ghost of Wini. As her left foot hits the landing, her vision begins to blurs slightly. She shakes her head and rubs her eyes. All of her energy seems to be draining from her. She takes another step and her legs are suddenly weak as paper. She falls forward. Her eyes droop and she couldn't stay awake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As the three of them makes their way up the stairs, Wini keeps silent. She is certain she would say something dumb if she opens her mouth. She watches as her body floats forward with Mrs. Summers close behind. Wini have not known the small, fat woman could do magic. Not that she have noticed much about the housekeeper.

Wini's body pauses in midair on the stairs. Wini floats back to check. Mrs. Summers is kneeling on the floor beside an unconscious April.

"Toby!" Mrs. Summers shouts. Her face has lost its stiffness. "Toby, come here at once!"

Toby the servant boy appears at the bottom of the stairs and then he runs up clumsily with his long arms dangling. He glances at Mrs. Summers and then at April and then at Mrs. Summers.

"Carry Miss April to her room and gently now." Mrs. Summers stands up and watches as Toby lifts April up and carries her away down the stairs. When he have gone from her sight, Mrs. Summers turns toward Wini's body hovering above the stairs. She struggles to snap her fingers for three tries. Then Wini's body begins to move again.

Mrs. Summers keeps her eyes on Wini's body. Wini's body moves as if conscious, turning at corners and moving higher when needed. Wini has not seen anyone so careful about her before. Except for her nurse but Miss Jewel has been gone for some years. Wini's mother had thought Miss Jewel was too soft on Wini. Wini suddenly misses Miss Jewel though she cannot remember what the nurse looks like now.

Mrs. Summers opens the door to Wini's room and Wini's body floats through the door. Mrs. Summers snaps her fingers and Wini's body lowers down and onto the bed. She then pulls the covers over Wini. Then she turns to leave but she pauses at the doorway to glance at Wini. Is that a look of pity on Mrs. Summers' face? Wini cannot be certain. Mrs. Summers closes the door.

Wini floats beside the bed looking at her body. Before she would have thought she is beautiful but looking at the pale face and blond hair, she have never been more dull and lifeless.

Then she hears a banging. She floats and slips through the door. Toby the servant boy is putting Vincy's door back onto its hinges. Wini remembers being woken by the sound of a loud thud which must have been when the wolf forced the door open. Had Wini known Vincy would turn into a wolf during a full moon, she would never have accepted his offer to come to Windy Shadows with her. She sighs and returns to her room.

A few moments passes, Toby enters and pulls up a chair beside Wini's bed. Wini wants to scream and tell him to leave but she does not like the idea of her body being left alone and she knows Toby would not hear her. She hovers in the corner of the room uncertain of what to do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincent stares up into the dark ceiling. His whole body aches but he cannot do anything about that. Turning into a wolf is painful but turning back is more painful. But he cannot blame anyone but himself. His mind is still hazy but he remembers what he saw.

As his human consciousness was slowly returning with the disappearance of his fangs and furs, he half opened his eyes. Winifred was lying on the ground and April was kneeling beside her. The pain forced him to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw a bright golden light coming from beneath April's hand. He recalled seeing the same light whenever his mother healed someone. How April came to have this power, he was not certain. He slowly got up and hid behind a tree. Through half blurred eyes, he watched April lagging behind Wini's body and Mrs. Summers as they return to the house. But there was another presence - a blur of white that Vincent cannot be certain what it was. His mind was too clouded to think clearly. He stayed hidden and waited until all was silent in the house. Then he returned to the house and into his room and ran toward the adjoining washroom and splashed cold water on his face. It was then that he realized someone, perhaps Toby the servant boy, had affixed the his room door back onto its hinges. He then redressed and laid on his bed as fatigue took over him.

"What are the news, Vincent?" The shadow speaks with a whispered, raspy voice.

Vincent gets out of bed and sits by the table and faces the long, slanted patch of darkness on the opposite. Fading moonlight spills in from between the half opened curtains.

"Winifred Hayter is... as good as dead." Vincent has not dare to cross the hall and look into Winifred's room. He has heard Mrs. Summers wandering in the hall and muttering to herself. April apparently has collapsed and is now resting in her room but he would not tell the shadow that bit.

"Good. Good. But you must make sure Miss Hayter dies."

"But is it not enough that she... I mean, I do not think she have to die. After all, it was not her fault. She did not have a choice."

"She could have died!" The shadow wavers wildly and then smooths itself out.

"But Mother chose to save her."

"But had not Miss Hayter been a careless, stupid child, she would not have required healing and your mother would still be alive. You would still have a family." The shadow lets out a sigh. "Son, need I remind you Miss Hayter and all the Tylers are responsible for destroying our family? My darling daughter, your sister Patricia, perished at Harrison Tyler's hand. Your dear mother, my dear wife Amelia... If Tyler had saved his own granddaughter, your mother would not die healing that ungrateful child. Or do you not remember my demise under the hands of Mrs. Tyler?"

"But... she died."

"Yes and that is our only consolation. Now, Vincent, my son, I do not wish you to hurt anyone but for those who caused our family harm - they must suffer like we do. Son, the only way to save our family is to destroy Miss Hayter and the Tylers." The shadow pauses. It wavers but then it is still again. "I have noticed you left Miss Gale alone. She is a Tyler or do you not know?"

"But she is not involved in any of this. She was not around when—"

"Are you saying she is innocent? She has Tyler blood and that means she is part of this. You will not forget that. You had your chance to kill Harrison two weeks ago."

"But I was weak. I have just returned to being human, my mind was not clear...."

"I do not want excuses! You had a job to do and you have failed. When you next see Harrison, you know what to do." The shadow seems to sigh again. "Now, get some rest. You look like hell." The shadow shifts away and back behind Vincent.

Vincent turns to face the window. He winces. The wound near his stomach is healing quickly but it will leave a mark just like the others. This stab must be from Winifred's knife. He remembers she carries a short knife with her at all time as protection. Perhaps protection from him because she knows. After all, he did just appeared — a stranger with only a name worth claiming. It had been easy for Vincent to worm his way into the Hayter family. They regarded high society as the best society and the Vincents was high society.

Just three months ago, Vincent went to Stone Lilac on his father's instructions and there he met Walter Patrick Hayter Sr., his wife, Caroline and their daughter Winifred. She insisted he called her Wini and he Vincy but Vincent hated being called Vincy but he smiled at the suggestion. He didn't quite like calling her Wini as it implied a friendliness between them that did not existed. The youngest child, the son, Walter Jr., was not around and was not mentioned.

Vincent had every chance to kill Winifred but he didn't. He told his father he would do it later at Windy Shadows. Better to hide his guilt, he reasoned. Vincent's father, Vincent Sr., seemed convinced. When Vincent asked why Winifred is the only target, Vincent Sr. explained that Mr. and Mrs. Hayter will have their use later on, though he did not elaborated.

Vincent rather not kill anyone but he dare not contradict his father, not when he chose this path. He chose to believe his father. He chose to act on his behalf. He was the only family left after all. His father's essence lives on as a faded ghost back at their mansion. He is unable to leave the premise but he have the power to switch Vincent's shadow with his but the shadow cannot always be active as it drains Vincent Sr.'s energy - that much Vincent is most grateful for - that at least his father cannot always be watching him.

Vincent still wonders why his father have not told him how their family would return to the living. It have been five years of planning but Vincent worries that it may all end in disaster. He stares out the window at the brightening sky. He have not a single memory of April while he have been a wolf. Why have he avoided attacking her? But she have been nothing but nice to him while Winifred...

In a few hours, daylight will come and everything will be as before. Except it will not be. Vincent cannot think he can turn back now, not when there is a chance Winifred will died. He stands up and crawls onto the large bed and closes his eyes. Maybe he can forget everything if he sleeps a little.


  1. The ghost of Wini... I will stay tuned.

    1. I hope to post more though I'm not quite sure how to end this.

      Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. Poor, poor Vincent. I hope he can break free from his father. And hope his father can find peace too (without carrying a grudge beyond the grave).

    1. I hope to resolve Vincent's story somehow, still trying to figure that one out.

      Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  3. I'm a bit confused. Maybe I missed a chapter. I'll have to do some catch up reading.

    1. Yeah, you do have to read up, it's kind of hard to remember what had happened, there will be a summary every 10 parts, look out for that.

      Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.


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