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October 19, 2019

April Gale 21

~ ~  Read previous April Gale here ~ ~

Note: There is a summary of the story far in every 10 part, so if you go to Part 10 or 20, there should be a summary. So there might be a summary in earlier parts but I decided not to remove them.

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April Gale 21

Winifred watches as Mrs. Winters gently dabs a handkerchief to her body's forehead. Winifred has always seen Mrs. Winters as the housekeeper that always does her duties without any sort of emotions behind it but now she cannot help but wonder if Mrs. Winters' sternness is just a shield to hide her true feelings.

Winifred sighs. Why does she only finds out that people care for her when she is...What is she? A spirit? A ghost? She is not certain. Mrs. Winters is a ghost and yet, she does not see Winifred standing right beside her. Perhaps she is dreaming all of this but how can she be? She must be a different kind of ghost from Mrs. Winters. After all, she can move through walls and even when she tries to walk using her feet, she floats. She looks out the windows. Even in this state, she could not help but feel the restlessness that follows her wherever she go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April wakes up to the afternoon sunlight flooding her room. She sits up and then she realizes someone is in the room with her. She turns to her left. Grandmother Emma hovers there smiling at April.

"Grandmother! Have you been watching me for long?"

"Just an hour or two. Harry was worried and I was worried. But it was foolish of us. You are perfectly fine."

Aprils sits up higher and turns to face Grandmother Emma. "What we were discussing before, about Wini. What do I have to do get her back to her body? Is there a spell I can do or a potion I can make?"

Grandmother laughs and shakes her head. "Nothing. My Dear, you can do nothing. It is Winifred who needs to do something. She needs to want to live. If she has not been eager to go, her spirit would not have left her body. You must convince Winifred being a ghost is not her destiny."

"Not her destiny? Well, that sure will convince her." April laughs but she can't help but be annoyed by this answer.

"Ah, you have your mother's spirit. It is Winifred's will to live or not. You cannot force a spirit to go where it does not want to. All you can do is talk to Winifred, try to convince her she would be better alive than dead." Grandmother smiles and April is a little less annoyed.

"Hey!" Wini's spirit slips into the room from the wall. Then she notices Grandmother Emma "You! I know you. Are you not dead?"

"I am, my dear. You look lovely as ever." She turns to April. "I shall be going. Goodbye April, Winifred." Grandmother Emma gives Winifred a glance and then she vanishes.

"Well, that was rude of her. My mother had always said Grandmother Emma was a little eccentric." Wini seems almost happy, unlike the real Wini.

April wants to tell her to leave. She prefers not to deal with her just now. "I have just been informed that I cannot do anything for you. It is you that must get back to your body."

"I have tried that. And anyway, I like being a ghost."

April leans against her pillows. "You're not a ghost. You're still alive, Wini."

"Do not call me that!"

"What? Wini?"

"Yes, that ridiculous nickname my mother thought up. It is insulting."

"But when we met, you told me to cal—"

"I know what I said but I am telling you now. Do not call me WINI!"

"Alright, fine. Winifred then."

"I hate that name too!"

"Then what should I call you?"

"I do not know. I hate all my names." Wini, rather, Winifred shakes her head and sighs. "Never mind. Call me whatever you like." She suddenly smiles. "Do you know what I have been doing? I went from room to room just like that. I even frightened Mrs. Summers though she cannot see me. Sad but no matter. Oh and I have seen Grandfather. He sleeps so strangely. I mean, why sleep on the floor when there is a perfectly good bed? And Vincy, that creature is bonkers. I saw him talking to his shadow. Goodness, he looks a mess."

"Talking to his shadow?" April mutters. What does that mean? "What was he saying?"

"How should I know? I did not want to stick around a crazy wolf."

"But Vincy is your friend. Don't you care about him?"

Winifred scoffs. "Friend? I just met him two months ago. He came to Stone Lilac and the next thing I know, my father said I had to be nice to him but he did not tell me why. And then when my mother told me I had to go to Windy Shadows, Vincy offered to go with me as protection. I should have known something was off. Who knows how long he has been deceiving us." Winifred leans against the wall though she seems to be floating more.

However wrong Vincy in keeping his secret, he hasn't hurt anyone, well, he hasn't killed anyone. April's wound from the last time Vincy was a wolf has healed but it left a short dotted line on her arm.

"Wini, I mean, Winifred, let me ask you - why don't you want to live? Why don't you want to go back to your life?"

"Because... I do not have to answer you!" Winifred lets out a shriek and then disappears through the door.

April rubs at her tried eyes. It's exhausting talking to Winifred. She seems so easily agitated but it's a bit strange she is not complaining about who is watching her body.

April drops down on the bed and stares up at the canopy. It is now a pink hue though April remembers it as white before. She sits up and turns to her right at the wallpaper. The tree has grown taller. It has sprouted tiny leaves. Soon it will be a full grown tree but why not grow all at once? But April is too tired to think about it. She closes her eyes and hopes for sleep.


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    1. I hope so.

      Thank you for visiting & have a lovely day.

  2. I am really enjoying this. And wonder whether finding Wini/Winifred a name she can accept might be the trigger...

    1. Still working on it but I like your Winifred idea.

      Thank you for visiting & have a lovely day.

  3. I looked back at chapter 1 and found April Gale has a pretty big head start. I think it is marvelous you can keep going with the story. I can't sit still that long. Barely typing out this comment. :)

    1. I didn't write continuously although I'm nearing the end of the story and hopefully, I'll finish before the year ends.

      Thank you for visiting & have a lovely day.

  4. This is good. The story is coming along nicely - I'm curious for more - and the characters seem more alive; if you can say this of your ghostly characters.

    1. Ghosts are people, when you think about, they are just not alive or so I think.

      Thank you for visiting & have a lovely day.


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