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November 9, 2019

April Gale 23

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April Gale 23

Harry Tyler now thinks his plan is all wrong. "Throw her to the wolves and see what happens" is not a plan but then that is what his father did to him for his nineteenth birthday. He did not have to face a wolf but a powerful ghost. He would have ran away if not for the fact that the ghost was one of his childhood friends. He looks back on it now and is still amazed he got out alive. He should have studied more. He should have practiced his spells more. He should have done more but all that preparation would not have helped him.

He sighs. But he must not interfere. Even now that April has mastered some of her fears and has gained her healing power. If she gets Winifred back to her body and also helps Vincent, then at last, Harry can stop worrying about his granddaughter.

But this keeping at bay is not going to keep. He cannot let April just wander into every situation without some guidance. If Josey is here, she can do that, not him. He should not have let Josey stay away from Windy Shadows this long. He will have to have a long talk with her about April. And Vincent. He must not forget Vincent.

He gets up off the floor. He has not disturbed the bed near him. His back acts up too often for him to enjoy a soft bed. The floor is far more comfortable for him. But then, it does not matter as he soon will not need the floor nor a bed as he will soon cease to need to sleep.

Mrs. Summers is coming. Harry can always hear her boots tapping the carpets. There is a soft knock. Harry calls "Enter." Mrs. Summers stands near the door appearing a bit agitated. "Master, I have followed Mistress' instructions of keeping Miss April in bed and she has been recovering very nicely."

"Good." Harry turns toward the windows. The sky is as blue as ever.

"How is Mr. Vincent?"

"Mr. Vincent seems fine. But Master, he is..."

Harry turns around to face her. "He is a wolf."

"Yes. You knew? Of course you do. Should we do something about him?"

Harry shakes his head. "No. Vincent is... Let him be."

"But Master, how can you let him stay here when you know he is a danger to us?"

"Vincent needs our help. No, Vincent needs April's help. I have already said when April turns nineteen, she will be mistress of Windy Shadows and you are to follow her directions. I do not mind telling you, Mrs. Summers, I am relieved. I am glad to join Emma at last."

Mrs. Summers sniffs. "But Master, I have always served you and Mistress. You cannot leave Windy Shadows."

"You know my time will end soon. I have kept Emma waiting for nineteen years. I should not delay any longer."

"Will you and Mistress come back for visits?"

Harry shakes his head. "Once we leave this world, it ends for us. You know this, Julia. You cannot linger on our dead. You must continue for those that are living."

Mrs. Summers pulls out a white handkerchief from her apron pocket and dabbles her eyes. "You and Mistress are my family no matter where you go." She tucks the handkerchief back into her pocket. "Master, I think we need to hire two more servants. Toby and I are not enough to do five people's work. And Mrs. Winters can only do so much. I thought maybe if you..."

"Julia, you must tell April this, not I."

"What about Miss Tyler?"

"Josey knows she is only here as a housemate."

"Why have you not given Miss Tyler Windy Shadows? Why Miss April?"

"Have I not told you? Josey does not want to be mistress of Windy Shadows. She only wants to live here." Harry walks forward and pats Mrs. Summers' arm. "Dear Julia, you have served our family well but do not worry. Josey knows neither she nor April can keep Windy Shadows afloat without you. By the way, Josey will be home tomorrow. Prepare her room and let Mr. Neighbors know he is to come early to shovel snow on both gardens' entrances and all the back doorways."

"Snow, Master? But it is sunny today. And summer.... I will send a message to Mr. Neighbors. Anything else?"

"Yes. Please prepared the guest quarters in the Quarter West Wing. We will have a few new guests. And make lunch for five tomorrow. I will dine with the family."

"Yes, Master." Mrs. Summers gives Harry a small smile and closes the door softly after her.

Harry forgets to ask Mrs. Summers if she minds having a nineteen-year-old for a mistress but then again, he had been nineteen when he took over for his father and Mrs. Winters had not complained. He has forgotten what Mrs. Summers real name has been. Was it Hayter or was it Heathter?


  1. 19 is very young for this responsibility.

    1. @Christine: In this modern age, it might sound young but in the old days, it's actually quite the right age.

      Thank you for visiting & have a lovely day.


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