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December 20, 2019

The pros and cons of using an e-reader

'book dreams'
I'm still learning to use my Kindle Paperwhite but I thought I share some of my thoughts and ideas from using an e-reader. I have skimmed through the e-manual because I hate reading manuals so I might be wrong on some things so feel free to correct me.

01 | Ebooks are pretty cheap
It's sort of cheap when compare to paper books (but not always since pricing various on books no matter the format) but when you think of all the books you can get for free (not including borrowing from the library), it's still pretty cheap.

02 | You have less book clutter
I don't know if this is a plus or not since I do love arranging my books on my tiny shelf and seeing my collection. But I'm greedy I suppose because not everyone can afford to have a book collection. Maybe it is a plus not to have too many paper books because it takes up a lot of space and I really don't have space for them.

03 | You buy a lot more books than you would normally
It's easy to purchase ebooks since you don't necessary see the receipt which is not a plus for your wallet but a plus for your reading enjoyment. Honestly, when I get an email from amazon telling me I have purchased this or that ebook, I just ignore it. It's terrible of me but what can you do? You can't unpurchase them so you might as well enjoy them...until you get your credit card statement.

04 | You become a sample hoarder
Apparently having a Kindle reader makes you a sample hoarder because I seem to accumulate a lot of book samples even when I'm not sure I would read the book. I also think when I'm not in the mood to read my current book, I can read book samples instead.

05 | You can have an endless selection of books at your fingertip

So it's not quite endless but if you have like 200 books on you Kindle, that's almost like an endless supply. I have less than ten books right now but it will grow. Do people delete books from their device once they read them? I do sometimes like to re-read books so I haven't deleted any books yet. Technically I could delete a book once I read them and then re-download it again when I want to read them again but what if I can't go online to get them? I just can't decide to delete or not.

06 | It's easy to skim
So there are a lot of options to go to this page and that page and you can accidentally skip a page which I did a few times because all that tapping is easy. Sometimes I'm not even sure if I didn't skip a page. I know there is an option to freeze some of the functions but there's no option to stop yourself from tapping the screen accidentally. Also page number - I had the info at the bottom of the page not showing but then I realized there is page numbers except it also included the pecentage but I think I like having the page number looked more like a page in a book - on the right side or the center without the pecentage.

07 | It's durable if you don't drop it into a volcano
I might have dropped my Kindle once or twice but it didn't break or crack. I don't have a case for it because I don't think is necessary as the surface is pretty solid. I don't know why I have to buy extra things to protect it when it's clearly made to withstand certain wear and tear. It's not like I'm going to take it into the ocean and read it underwater or climb into a volcano and read in the heat, you know? If I'm doing those things, I would probably not be reading at all. Also that waterproof feature - completely useless to me. I have seen someone put their Kindle in a bowl of water just to test this and it's ridiculous because electronic devices does not go well with water. I know for certain I would never be reading beside a pool or a pond and even if I do, heck, what's the big deal? Instead of that stupid feature, they should add something more useful like an audio port or speakers or a year supply of free books.

08 | It's (sort of) easy to hold
I hold it with my left hand and turn the page with my right hand but it still feels a bit weird because it's so small, just a tiny bit larger than those mass paperbacks which I hate reading from by the way. I had first thought a Kindle would be bigger and I don't know why I thought that. It is lightweight but I keep shifting the way I hold it because it's weird to hold something this light - I feel like I should hold it tighter one minute and looser the next. I guess I just need to get use to holding it.

Also, the power button at the bottom is just wrong. Even though I hold my kindle with my left hand and don't always touch the power button, I still sometimes end up hitting it. And the power port is right next to the power button. What is wrong for putting them at the top? I know you can sort of rotate your screen so that both of these features would be at the top but why should I have to do that? I don't get their silly reason for either one of these.

And let me say just say how much I hate looking at the word 'kindle' at the bottom below the screen. The regular Kindle has the word in black which blends in but the Paperwhite version which is the one I have, has the word in white. This makes no sense to me because if I'm to spend more money, I should be getting the better looking one, that is, having the word 'kindle' there makes the device look cheap - some people might not think so but I do. And it is so distracting. My thumb is not big enough to always cover it. And as I say, I don't use a case so it's always there.

09 | You can't read if your Kindle's battery dies or if your screen is broken
So technically, I have not have either of these problems yet but the battery life seems to be draining a lot faster than when I was not reading regularly. I'm wondering why there is no power off button like when you don't want to use your Kindle for a week or something. They said 'screen off' is the same as 'power off' but I don't know, I keep seeing the power level going down even when I'm not using it. I'm just going to charge it whenever it gets below 15%. Does anyone else think the light to tell if your Kindle is at green or amber a bit too easy to mix up? When you're charging your Kindle, the light is amber and when it's done, it's green. But I just think they should change the amber to red because green and amber are a bit too similar under certain lights.

10 | You read more books
This is probably a personal thing but I find I seem to want to read more because the books are easily available and I don't have to look through my shelves which is being lazy but I'm a lazy reader. I seem to be reading three books right now which is kind of normal for me anyway since I don't always read one book at a time because some books have middle boredom syndrome that you can only relief by reading another book. But I seem to be reading faster somehow with the e-reader and it have nothing with paper turning time. I don't know, I just seems to be reading faster or maybe it just feels faster because there are less words on the screen?

Do you use a Kindle or an e-reader? If so, how do you like it?


  1. I use an e-reader (when I have to) but prefer 'real' books. I like the feel, and the smell of books. I also find it easier to flip through looking for a particular passage I remember.
    And yes, our house is cluttered with books.

    1. @Elephant's Child : No e-reader can ever replace paper books, nope, never. But we are in the age where sometimes it's more practical to read from an e-reader than a paper book.

      I like a house full of books but I kind of also like open spaces full of nothing. It's really a matter of preference I would say.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.

  2. Thanks for the tips I am getting one soon

    1. @Christine: I don't think I gave any tips, these are more like rants but if you got something from this, it's great.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.

  3. I have the kindle keyboard, which has a tiny QWERTY keyboard below the reading screen. Completely unnecessary for me, but at the time of buying that was the cheapest model on sale and I'm used to ignoring the keyboard now and just focus on the scree. You may find as time goes by that you are able to 'tune out' the kindle word at the bottom. Mine is at the top and says amazon kindle.
    #3- I keep track of each book purchase by entering the amount in my budget book and subtracting it from my balance. For a long time now I've only chosen free books. I signed up with "bookbub" and they email a daily selection which you can choose from but don't have to.
    #5- if you buy kindle books from amazon you can sign in to your account and go to the "manage your kindle" link where all your purchased books should be stored and listed, so you can re-download as you wish. When amazon sends you an email of your purchase, read it and there should be a link to the "manage your kindle", that's what I get with my emails, even with the free books.
    #7- I have a case for my kindle, so I can close it to protect the reading screen from getting all scratched up when it is in my backpack.
    #8- on my kindle the power button and port are also at the bottom, but my power button must be slid across then released to turn it on or off and to power it off I slide the button and then hold it there for a count of ten and it powers off. Maybe try holding down your power button and see if it powers off, (much like holding down the power button on a laptop to force a shutdown if you are having issues where it doesn't shut down properly)
    #9- I notice quite a difference between the amber and green on my kindle. The amber is a dull yellow while the green is almost neon bright.
    Mine is a 4GB and capable of holding up to about 4000 books depending on the length of each book of course. I don't keep that many on there. I have around 200+ and delete each book as I finish it. If it is a book I really enjoyed and know I want to read again sometime later, I'll by the "real" copy and fit it on my shelves somewhere.

    1. @River: I suppose I'll eventually forget that word kindle there.

      #3 - Wow! I wish I can do that but I really hate doing math, I know I should keep track of my spending...

      #5 - I do know about this but thanks for the tip.

      #7 - I'm thinking now I should get a case to keep it not only in good shape but also to keep it clean, well, cleaner than without a case.

      #8 - I did try the holding the power button for a while but the list of options does not include 'power off.' There is 'Screen off', 'Restart' or 'Cancel.'

      #9- Your kindle is a different version so maybe the lights have more contrast.

      200+ books already sounds like a great number to me. I might also get a physical copy if I truly love the book so I'm completely against getting paper books.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.

  4. I love your mermaid using an e-reader and drinking her tea! I much prefer books to e-readers. I have a Kobo, but hardly use it. It just doesn't feel right in my hands and the pages don't 'turn' easily. Not for me! When I have too many books, I give them away to libraries or friends!

    1. @Sandra: I also love the mermaid. She is definitely drinking tea as I do not drink coffee.

      I also prefer paper books than ebooks but I thought give ebooks a try and who knows, perhaps I'll return to paper books after awhile.

      It's a shame I do not live near people who owns a lot of books or else I would go trade books with them. But it's really good of you to give your books to friends and libraries.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.

  5. Merry Christmas, darlin'! Your artwork at the time is beautiful as usual. I'm not a huge reader but whenever I buy a book I prefer to have the option of getting it e-format. This just keeps the clutter down for me but you're right the pricing isn't always less. I won't buy e-book if it's not affordably priced but if I were a huge book reader then maybe I'd pay more. I don't know. Good tips to ponder when considering using digital media for one's reading library! ;)

    1. @Cathy: I think more ebooks means less clutter but that's just me. Merry Christmas to you too!

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.

  6. This is a great ost! I have an ereader, and even get free books, but it never gets used. I prefer holding on to the book and turning the pages and using my bookmark. I don't know what in the world I would do if physical books or libraries went away. Sending you lots of hugs and wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas! RO


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