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January 5, 2020

April Gale 28

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April Gale 28

A girl with two long black braids is molding something with pink mitten gloves. She peers up with a large grin and puffy red cheeks. Her pink cap is at an angle almost covering her left eye. A burst of shadows suddenly hides the view. Hands wipe at the shadow and then she is running away giggling. The light becomes too bright. Vincent closes his eyes and then opens them again.

It is daylight. The room is bright. But it is far brighter than any morning he had seen since he came to Windy Shadows. He went to the windows. White covers the West Gardens and the snow falls silently down. He had seen snow before at his home Silver Moon and even played in the backyard with his sister Patty. But then Patty was sent away to school and only came home twice a year and even then, she was always too busy studying to play with him. But the dream - that was not Patty. That girl has black hair and amber eyes. Patty was blond with green eyes. Who is this girl with the amber eyes?

"Vincent, you have failed again. How long must we wait until you do something right? Does your family means nothing to you? Your mother, your sister and I - are we nothing to you?" The shadow's voice has never sounded so restless before.

"I saw Winifred's ghost or rather, it was something else. What was she?"

"Vincent, do not distract yourself with such trivial matter. If her body breathes, she is not dead. Her spirit might hang around but it cannot harm you. If you have done what I have told you, then you would not have such things to worry about."

Vincent turns away from the windows. In the bright daylight, the shadow is only a faint shade on the wall. "But her ghost or spirit or whatever - it saw me."

"But she can do nothing. She is a mere flicker of her dying soul. If her body stops breathing, it will disappear."

Vincent has been certain his father was surprised by Winifred's spirit or else the control he had on Vincent wouldn't have easily slipped away. But he does not voice this.

The shadow shifts from side to side. "Do you know Miss Tyler is returning at this very moment? You cannot let on who you are while she is here."

"Yes, Father. But I have never met Miss Tyler so I am sure she would not know me."

"Yes, but you must be careful not to say anything about our family. I am tired. I must return to Silver Moon. You know what to do." The shadow fades away.

Vincent turns back to the windows. Would it not be nice to play in the snow again with Patty? He cannot bear to think that he was once the happiest boy in the world. There was his mother to soothe his aches and pains. His sister to cheer him up when he is sad. He cannot remember if his father had ever feel joy toward him but he had always respected and loved him. But now, Vincent cannot think how his father had changed or perhaps he had always been the same only Vincent had not noticed? Vincent knows no magic in the world can bring back the dead – not in the way his father wants it. How could he be so sure when Vincent is not?

Vincent has been quietly sabotaging his own plans in hopes that his father will change his mind. No one has died yet. If his father would only move forward without this lust for revenge, then maybe all will work out. His family will still be gone but it is better than to hurt innocent people. Winifred was rude, yes but nothing too harmful. Mr. Tyler has already lost his wife. He seems not to hold any grudges or did he not know who he is? No, Vincent is certain Mr. Tyler knows everything but he simply keeps silent. And April. She have been kind to him and is still kind as ever even after he had injured her. They have not spoken much but Vincent senses that April truly is as kind as she seems. And perhaps a little naive. She have brought him the green rose. Why has she done it? Mr. Tyler must know Vincent should not have it and yet, there it sits in the box on the table. What will become of him if he does what he had promised his father? Will his family return or will he join them?


  1. Poor Vincent.
    I hope (so much) that he can became the man he should be, rather than the vicious perpetrator of his father's grudges and grievances.

    1. @Elephant's Child: I hope so too.

      Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day.

  2. Hope Vincent can make the best choices.

    1. @Christine: I hope he will.

      Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."
- Kurt Vonnegut