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January 17, 2020

April Gale 30

~ ~  Read previous April Gale here ~ ~

Summary (lots of spoiler if you have not read the earlier parts): April Gale comes to Windy Shadows with her Aunt, Josephine 'Josey' Tyler after April's father dies leaving her an orphan of sorts. There, April met her grandfather Harrison 'Harry' Tyler, a few ghosts, a few odd servants, got dropped onto the roof by a dragon named Tim, got healed by Grandfather and recovered. Next came new visitors to Windy Shadows - Winifred, a distance cousin to April, and Vincent, a friend of Winifred. Then April discovered a wolf in the garden who turned out to be Vincent. Then there was another incident with the wolf and Winifred became a spirit while her body is in a coma. Now Aunt Josephine has returned to Windy Shadows.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April Gale 30

April sits up and yawns and stretches her arms. The piglet at the foot of the bed stirs slightly. The brightness of the light in the room makes April wonder. She pulls the cover down and slowly gets out of bed as not to wake the piglet.

She pulls the curtains open. The East Garden is covered with snow and the white flakes are still falling. Oh no! Has April done this? She has been wishing for a snowy birthday but how could she have done it? She has never changed the weather. Or did she? What will the neighbors think? What will Aunt Josephine think?

A thud makes her turn around. A box wrapped in pink with pink ribbons is on the floor near the desk. Then again box wrapped in white with blue ribbons appears out of the air and falls beside the other box. Then another and another until boxes fill the empty spaces of her room. Some of them are round and oddly shaped. One is particularly small - an oval box that landed on her writing desk. She picks up the oval box. The little tag attached to the ribbon has her name on it: April Lougenia Gale. Who sent them? Who knows her middle name that she never uses? It was her father's mother's name but she have never liked it. Who would know and send these? Aunt Josephine? Grandfather Tyler? Mrs. Summers? Toby? Vincent? Winifred! No! She wouldn't. How short the list of people April knows. When she thinks about it, she has not seen anyone new and it has been months.

The piglet, probably waken by all the noise, jumps down from the bed.

There is knock on her door. "Come in." April lifts the piglet up before it can run into the piles of boxes. It barely weights much but its skin is quite soft.

Mrs. Summers enters with a tray with a plate of eggs and bacon and a glass of orange juice along with a piece of toast. She sets the tray down on the side table. "I have brought you your breakfast, Miss April."

"Thank you, Mrs. Summers." April strolls over toward her.

Mrs. Summers' eyes widens at the piglet but she remains calm even as her eyes land on the piles of boxes. "I see Master has been busy."

"So these boxes are from Grandfather then?"

"Yes. Master always leaves presents at the birthday person's room. I see he has given you a few years worth of presents. But I am here tell you to dress properly for dinner tonight with the whole family."

"Then Aunt Josephine is really home?"

Mrs. Summers smiles her subtle smile. "Yes, Miss April. Miss Tyler came home just a few hours ago. She brought your Great Aunt with her."

"Great Aunt? Who is she?"

"Your grandfather's elder sister."

"Oh, right. My great aunt. I should go and greet Aunt Josephine. I need to talk to her."

"No, Miss April. Miss Tyler is resting. You must wait until dinner. I have to return to the kitchen." Mrs. Summers leaves quietly.

April picks up the piece of toast and takes a bite. The piglet wriggles in her left arm.

Last night! Has Winifred returned to her body or was that just another false hope? If Vincent has tried to kill Winifred, what was the reason? April cannot think why. She has no idea the history behind Vincent or Winifred. Perhaps there is something between the families.

And then she remembers Aunt Josephine is home. Perhaps her aunt can help her with Vincent and everything else.

But upon looking out the windows, she drops the piglet on the bed and rushes to the wardrobe. She should at least have a look outside to see if the snow is real or not. It's rather cold this morning but it could all be an illusion. Perhaps the West Garden so Aunt Josephine would not see her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vincent gulps down the potion and drops the cup on the table. This should stop him from turning into a werewolf during a full moon. He rolls his tongue about but the bitterness is still there. Why is the cure always so unpleasant? But it is his own doing when he cast the spell and this is the end result.

Outside, snow is lightly falling. He wraps his fingers around the wooden pendent hanging around his neck. It gives him a strange comfort. The wood is warm between his fingers. Once, he had asked his mother where the pendent came from but she would only said, 'From your ancestors,' but Vincent had never known them. As far as he know, they have no other living relatives. Now, he is the only living Saint Vincent if he does not count his father. Vincent is not certain what his father have become. He is certainly not a living being and yet, he is more alive than Vincent. If Mother or Patty is here, perhaps, Father would not be in this state.

Many times, he have wished he had been with his mother and sister when they died. But he was not. He had caught a cold and his mother had insisted that he stayed home. It is only through his power of catching and taking people's memory that he found out what happened. His father have had given him his memory of that day but Vincent have always wondered if his father did not remember it wrong. Mr. Tyler did not seem like someone who would kill considering he is a healer like his mother. But unlike his mother, Mr. Tyler is a magical healer. His mother often said whatever the impossible she cannot do, Mr. Tyler can. She often worked with Mr. Tyler though she had no magic. Patty too had not inherited any magic but like their mother, she was determined to become a healer.

If Patty is here with him, he would beg her to go outside and play with him. Below, the garden is a winter wonderland. His lips twitches and he finds himself smiling. He pushes the window panels open. Chilly air rushes toward him. The snow-covered roses sway in the wind. He waves a hand at the roses and the snow shakes off them but soon more snow covers them again.

A figure in a pale blue coat appears. Would April care for his company? Why is she in the West Garden when she could have easily gone to the East Garden?


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    1. @Christine: No one likeable, for sure.

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  2. It is always a treat to read more. Thank you.

    1. @Elephant's Child: I hope you like it and I'll definitely write more.

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  3. Thank yo u for continuing your story. Snow for her birthday, now that's a thought.

    1. @Charlotte: I hope to finish this soon so I can post all of the parts.

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