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April 13, 2020

Fiction: Kiss A Cloud

kissing clouds
Some word suggestions by Tammie Lee: heart, fairy, sylvan, field of flowers and Carver: deluge, cracked umbrella, shoes lost a heel. Thank you.

Fiction: Kiss A Cloud

The black, cracked umbrella has been lying on the rain-soaked pavement for a few hours now. Many passerbys walk by but none has stopped to take a peek.

The sky darkens. Sheets of rain begin to fall and a wild wind twirl about. Nearby at the park, the newly planted field of lilies droop under the weight of the rain. People scatter in every direction. Car honks and shouts are heard.

The umbrella treads slowly almost as if a fairy is moving it. Little by little, it tumbles to a stop beside a pair of red shoes with lost heels.

The rain and wind subsides. People stop and wonder out loud where the rain and wind came from and why did they went away so quickly?

Near the umbrella and shoes, a cloud drifts lower and lower down until it almost touches the ground. It sinks slightly as a being steps off it. The cloud raises up. The being bends down to kiss the cloud. It evaporates and turns into liquid that falls to the ground and mingles with the leftover raindrops.

The being laughs like a tingling of a bell. She picks up the umbrella and tucks her feet into the heelless shoes. They fit perfectly. But as she starts walking, she cannot understand why her feet rises and falls. But she is moving and that is the important thing. She twirls a finger up at the umbrella and the ripped cloth immediately races back to their original position. Up in the sky, the clouds has shifted and only a few are left. She waves at them.

A giggle rings out and she lowers her head. People glance at her, cover their mouths and turn away. Is she not one of them? But as she looks at each one and then down at herself, she realizes she is unclothed.

A gentle wind blows her way and a shawl drifts down and she catches it. The shawl is pretty with red roses all over them. She places the umbrella down on the ground and wraps the silk fabric around her body and tucks the end over the top. A laugh escapes her which only makes her laugh more. She picks up the umbrella and starts walking.

The scent of the leftover rain fills the air. After a few more steps, a hint of roses edge their way toward her. She smiles at everything - the baked goods in the window, the musicians playing their odd-shaped instruments, and so many things that she have seen before. But she soon spots something that makes her even more curious. A female and a male are engaged in a lip-locked war. She has known about kisses but to see it with her borrowed eyes is quite different. The couple pulls apart and starts talking.

She turns away and collides with a man carrying a huge bouquet of yellow roses. Her umbrella tumbles to the ground. He grabs her arm and lifts her up before she falls. A few of the yellow roses get crushed as she is pulled forward. He lets her go. "Pardon me, miss." He shifts the roses aside and he smiles.

An idea comes to her. "Would you kiss me?" she says in a somewhat squeaky, unfamiliar voice.

"Excuse me? I don't think I heard you right. You want me to kiss you?" The man's dark, thick eyebrow raises.

She nods. "Yes."

He lets out a chortle. "I just got dumped and I was ready to get drunk but now I'm thinking, no, I should kiss a beautiful woman instead." He lets out another chortle. "Thank you, miss but I think I should pass." His pale blue eyes linger on her.

A sigh escapes her lips. Perhaps she should kiss him. She leans forward and his eyes widen. Her lips meet his and for a moment, time seems to stand still. His lips seems to soften. A quiver runs through her. He leans back but a smile is on his lips. "Well, that was... sweet."

She laughs follow by a snort. He chuckles and holds out the roses toward her. "For you. For cheering me up."

The bright, yellow roses seems to glow. Her lips smile automatically. She takes the roses as a slight chill fills her. "Thank you."

In a moment, the chill envelopes her and she is forced to let the roses slip from her hands. She releases a slow breath and turns into water. The shape falls apart and scatters to the ground along with the shawl. There are a few gasps here and there but no one stops to look.

The man gapes at the spot where she have been standing. Thunder booms faintly and he looks up. A small cloud floats there alone. He looks down. The water has blended with the pavement and the shawl is soaked. He looks up again. The cloud shimmers and then drifts away. The man smiles and bends down to pick up the shawl and the roses. He shakes off some of the water and walks on but he moves around the spot where she have been.

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  1. Sweet story you had fun with this.

    1. @ Christine: I've enjoyed writing this one though it only came to me the day before.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day

  2. Replies
    1. @ Elephant's Child: I'm glad you enjoyed this.

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


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