"She was a girl who rarely spoke for fear of spontaneously combusting." — Tahereh Mafi, Whichwood
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October 17, 2018

The fairy's gift

'the fairy's gift' - closeup
This week's Scribble Picnic is Bottle. This is part of a larger piece but the other side isn't finished, actually even this that I'm showing here is not finished. So she (the fairy) is not really holding a bottle, it's more like a bowl and she's collecting stars. And that's all the explanation I have for this piece. For more Scribble Picnic, go here.

'the fairy's gift'

October 15, 2018

Leia in Wonderland — New art #6 @ my shop

'leia in wonderland'
I finally completed 'Leia in Wonderland' after months of procrastination. I don't even know how that happened. One moment I was so happy working on it and the next, I stopped to do something else and I never got back to it until now.

closeup 1

I'm not much of a fan of Alice in Wonderland but I am a fan of Star Wars, mostly the original movies. For those of you who are Star Wars or Alice in Wonderland fans, you might know some of these things in this piece:
- the chewbecca doll, I call it the chewy doll here
- the gray sphere on her ring is like the death star
- her hair although it is not exactly princess Leia style but it's close
- the cards
- the teapot/tea cup

(Click on the images for larger views.)

closeup 2
Purchase 'Leia in Wonderland' as a print  @ my society6 shop here
Purchase 'Leia in Wonderland' as a framed print  @ my society6 shop here

October 14, 2018

Seven Things: cold weather, instagram, technology & other thoughts

01/ Cold weather — the temperature dropped a lot this week and I'm wearing layers which is really the only way I prepare for winter and maybe put on a scarf like the chicken above if it's really cold. The chicken came about because of Scribble Picnic otherwise, I really wouldn't have done any art at all.

02/ I'm now using YK as my signature on all my art pieces. YK is the initial to a name of a doctor character in a tv show. Why am I using this? I'm not really sure but I just like the combination. I used to have no name on my art but I did use LB/lissablue on occasions but mostly I leave out a name. Now I think having one is kind of nice even if no one knows that's me. Well, you know because you read this...

03/ I'm thinking of joining Instagram but I hate using a phone to post. I know there are desktop options but it just seems like a lot of work and I'm not even sure you're allow to post illustrations but people are posting them so I guess you can. I really don't like the square photo format - it seems a bit limited plus the way the photo pops up with the sidebar info seems so much like facebook and I hate facebook and also seeing hashtags annoys me. But then again, I should be at one social media beside my blog to promote my art but I don't know.

04/ Movies watched:

The Great Wall > link— an entertaining movie full of ugly monsters and some delightful banters. It's a shame there aren't more fun scenes because it's just so serious and kind of bland. And it's a bit predictable what they have to do to stop the monsters but only because I see enough movies that uses similar methods but it's still quite an entertaining movie.

No highway in the sky > link — good movie but it just ends too abruptly, a little more future storylines would be nice but we do get a happy ending even if it seems like someone cut the movie before it should end.

Skyscraper > link — I honestly didn't care much about the kids or the wife but it's really all about the dad played by Dwayne Johnson as Sawyer - without him, this movie would have sucked - but Sawyer is so deadly serious that it sort of make his character a bit boring but there is some minor humor which does nothing. I know it's not a comedy but some humor would have made this movie less stiff. It's too bad the villain is so bland and his minions are just like him so you can't even enjoy watching them either. If only they make the villain take revenge on Sawyer for the event that happened 10 years ago or even that female cop that doesn't trust Sawyer's wife, she could have been the villain behind all of this but nope, she's just another cop. And the event that happened 10 years ago really didn't have much impact on the current story - sure it brought Sawyer where he is today but it didn't mean much since the present situation have nothing to do with it. If you're a fan of Dwayne Johnson, you might like it otherwise, it's just an okay movie.

05/ Technology = Removing/hiding all the useful features — that is what I think whenever I update my Mac OS. Since updating (or upgrading - not quite sure the difference) to the new OS namely, Sierra (not High Sierra and yeah, it took me a couple of years to update because I didn't feel the need to update at all). My computer doesn't work as well as before because I am constantly searching for answers to all the errors and missing features instead of actually using the system. The most annoying is the permission errors - when you don't have permission to save a file or open a file in certain apps because apparently, if the app is not made by apple, there is some restriction from using the app and opening files from that app which can be fixed but somehow no matter how many times I fixed it, the error returns. Now I can't go back because the old systems aren't even available for purchase (Why isn't it available in the U.S.? annoying but there's no answer) and even if they are, my computer isn't made for older systems. There is ways to revert back but it takes a lot of work and time and it's not even worth it because eventually you have to upgrade even if you don't want to and that's why upgraded my computer. I'll probably upgrade/update my computer in ten years which I think that's how long it will take me to get used to the new OS.

06/ Challenges/Memes I participate in now and then:

Top Ten Tuesday — hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl — all about books > link
Top Ten Thursday — hosted at Part-Time Working Hockey Mom — various subjects > link
Scribble Picnic — hosted at Michael MacVean Illustration — illustrations of all types > link
Words for Wednesday — hosted at various blogs most recently at Elephant's Child — writings of all types > link

07/ Anyone doing NaNoWriMo in November? For those who doesn't know, NaNoWriMo is where you write 50,000 words (not necessary a whole novel) in one month along with just about a million other people around the world. I'm still thinking about it but I probably won't do it. Check it out here.

What's on your mind today?


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