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September 14, 2019

Dear Mory : a letter to my blog

wallpaper girl

Dear Mory,

I must confess: I don't miss you as much as I used to. I won't apologize for staying away from you longer than usual because I know you will understand how lazy I can be. And I won't offer you any excuses because they would all be unworthy of you.

Perhaps I sometimes have no urgent thoughts of you nor feel much guilt of being away. And perhaps I like to think that you will be there even when I'm not.

But every now and then, I can't help but wonder if maybe it's time I leave you for good and yet I know I won't be able to do it. I hope you know, Mory, you are a habit that I can never break. Even if I have ignored you, slighted you, made you lonely and even angry, that doesn't mean I don't care because I do.

Please remember, my dear Mory, I'll always come back to you even if I do take a long while to do so.

Sincerely yours,

P.S., I hope you like your new clothes. It's nothing special but I really think it suits you very well.

(*My blog's nickname is Mory as in 'Memory' without the first two letters.)

September 3, 2019

What I did on my summer vacation

'Thumbelina Napping'
So I don't actually take summer vacations but I seemed to have taken one from my blog. Here's a list of media that I have consumed in July and August:

Books Read 

01/ Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell > link
It started kind of slow but then it became really good. Just one thing though: I disliked the way they kept interchanging Henry with Harry which is sometimes confusing because I don't think these two names are interchangeable - perhaps this is an error that isn't corrected. My edition is the UK Vintage edition with the red spine which probably uses the original text though there is no note on this. I have noticed most classic books are published by various companies and sometimes they make corrections and sometimes they don't so I don't know.

02/ Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell > link
I read this at the same time as Mary Barton so I did think both story started out in a similar way but only at the beginning. Ruth is a bit too preachy for me and I was kind of bored with the story.

03/ Bone's Gift by by Angie Smibert > link
The idea of a girl being able to receive memories from objects that she touches is unique and that is what makes me want to read the book. Since this is a first in a three-book series, I didn't expect much but it is still a good read but I found it a little bland at times. I'll probably read the other two books in the series.

04/ Comet Rising by MarcyKate Connolly – a sequel to Shadow Weaver > link
Shadow Weaver was okay and this sequel is about the same, not great but it's still a good read for lazy summer days.

05/ Realm Walk: A sleeping beauty retelling by Rebecca Reddell > link
I really wanted to write all over this book as I think the writing needs more editing, more polish. But I'm not likely to write in the book because I'm a nut who doesn't like to ruin books even badly written ones. I can only recommend this book if you don't mind how it is written and can focus on the story and not the writing. Here's a list of the good and the bad and some things just seems unclear to me so yes spoilers ahead.

The good:
- The cover is nicely designed although there is no text on the spine
- The story - Sleeping beauty isn't lying around waiting to be rescued — she actually did things
- A strong female lead named Maezy (didn't like the name) who likes to say she would chop people's head off with her sword but seems to be constantly without her sword or rather she keeps mentioning how she misses her sword
- A tall man lead named Brandalfr that seems almost interesting though he sometimes seem like a secondary character

The bad
- The way the female lead swoon and gush over the male lead's changeable eye color that makes me want to roll my eyes at her.
- The way the characters spoke using words such as 'okay' and 'ASAP' hardly feels like you're in a magical realm. I mean, there are sword fighting and castles, how can they be speaking that way? Plus, if the female lead have no clue what air conditioners are and have hardly been in the earth realm, where the hell did she learn to speak in this modern way?
- Cannibal mermaids? Seriously?

The things that just seem unclear to me:
- The villain, Maezy's father (can't remember his name) - I really don't quite understand him because he's like the most patient villain there is considering he does a lot of waiting even when he clearly have the power and the upper hand
- Maleficent, Maezy's mother - she should have been the villain with the way she behaves, I guess I kind of wish her motivation is a little clearer
- They don't say how Maezy's father is going to get her power, honestly, I don't even understand how putting Maezy's to sleep is suppose to stop her father from taking her power
- Realm walking is where Maezy is able to travel like a spirit to wherever while her body is elsewhere but they don't explain how she can touch things and be solid to other people. And it seems like a lame power to covet considering anyone can just kill your helpless, unconscious body while you're somewhere else but I guess power is power?

Music Listened 

06/ The Lost Mile – Vertical Horizon > link
These days, there are hardly any albums that I love but I almost love The Lost Mile. My favorite songs are 'I'm gonna save you', 'Written in the stars', 'Lighthouse,' 'One day,' 'Now'

07/ World Be Gone – Erasure > link
An enjoyable listen. My favorite songs are 'World be gone', 'Take me out of myself',  'Love you to the sky'

August 15, 2019

First Blog Anniversary

First Blog Anniversary
I have blogged at this same url (the memory of rain) before and if I do count, this would be my third time here but I'm not counting. So August 15 is the first anniversary for this blog. Here are thoughts on blogging:

01/ The artwork below is one of my favorite, favorite artwork that I did. It's all about time and moving around and such but I'm more prone to stay in one place and I guess it's why I have returned to blog here again even though I can easily have created a new blog. I'm really not much into traveling unless you count the ones I did in books.

'prone to stay still'
02/ I think staying at Blogger works for me because I can easily create new blogs without having to worry about urls or templates. I guess I'm so used to Blogger that if I would to move to Wordpress, I wouldn't know what to do there. I really think Blogger is the most user friendly platform there is. It still saddens me a little when bloggers leave Blogger and move to Wordpress but it's really about preferences so I cannot scold anyone for changing their platform.

03/ I've often deleted unused blogs because I believe in starting fresh and yet, I have kept some of my previous blogs because... Well, actually I don't know why. They aren't any use and yet, I can't seem to delete them. I used to re-direct my old blogs (the ones I haven't deleted) to the new one but I don't think that works well because if a blog doesn't seem to be updated, then people won't visit so now I leave a link to the new blog. In a way, this is my new blog because I don't have any of the previous posts from before.